Friday, January 11, 2013

Thank you Atilla Suslu and Mehmet Yiginer !

The big news today was the announcement that Mehmet Yiginer will run for President of Ankaragucu on Sunday. He will become the clubs 47th president. This is a very small step towards rebuilding Ankaragucu and Yiginer has managed to convince Melih Gokcek to support him.

During these troubled times one man who has stood up and fought to save Ankaragucu is Atilla Suslu, when all hope was lost and President after President trying to make a quick buck, he was there to help. He opened up membership to the fans, paid outstanding debts to prevent points deduction and also brought Mehmet Yiginer to the table. With Atilla Suslu now a member of the club it gives us more confidence that these problems wont happen again.

Mr Yiginer will now press on with his future plans of investment from businesses, he wants the fans to behave themselves as well and spoke of the wonderful history of Ankaragucu and the duty of Ankara to back the club. The biggest question is when will he remove the transfer ban by paying the outstanding debt ?

Sources close to the club say the transfer ban will be lifted on Sunday at the clubs congress. Please let this be true.

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  1. Yes, yes and ....... yes !

    The transfer ban MUST be lifted if Ankaragucu is planning to be 'lifted' up the table.

    As for the behaviour of the fans, this is another growing concern. With a 5 match ban about to kick-in, where is the vocal support for the players in the crucial weeks ahead ?

    The re-construction of the Club has to start somewhere, so if it is tomorrow then .... it will be the start of a long journey !

    Let it happen !!!