Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ankara Gucu runs wild in Uganda

Greetings Kankas! I would like to inform you that several important geographical locations in Uganda have been claimed through the hoisting of the AnkaraGucu flag! The first picture that you see is of yours truly along with our guide Lucky and our "protection" George, he being the one with the AK-47. They claim it was to guard against marauding buffalo and such, but I suspect it was really to protect Mountaineering Kankie and myself from rogue Carsi hooligans. Who knows.

The mountain is actually a 3667 meter volcano called Sabinyo (which means old man's teeth) and sits directly on the border of Uganda, Rwanda, and the DR Congo. So does that mean AnkaraGucu can lay claim to all three countries? Of course it does!

The climb was a challenging one. Sabinyo has several peaks (thus its name) and we had to wait until the third for the true summit, which was accessed by rickety stick ladders plastered onto the side of its 80-90 degree face. A bit hairy, but ok. However on the summit it began raining and all those ladders became slippery for the way down. That, was really hairy. We are talking Yusuf Yusuf! Ah well, all's well that ends well!

The second photo you see is a bit of a departure from my normal antics. Is it possible to claim a river? If it is, AnkaraGucu can now claim the longest river in the world! The Nile! Hope you enjoy the pictures. I dedicate Sabinyo's climb to Gucu's most recent dismantling of an Istanbul team. An amazing victory. Miss you all and hope to be climbing for Gucu again very soon.

- Mountaineering Kanka


  1. Good hearing from you. Hopefully Gucu's climb towards the top of the Superlig will go as well as your climbs have gone. All the best from Ankara!

  2. Agreed !

    Well done to the two Mountaineering Kankas on their trip up the African Continent.

    Another mountain (and a famous river) conquered for Ankaragucu.

    Looking forward to more peaks conquered in Ethiopia ?!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

    PS... thanks to Oz Kanka Chris for arranging this post.

  3. Anonymous4:46 pm

    caveman ankaragücü suppoters... anaları sikilmiş taraftarlar grubu!

  4. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Anonymous said... ananı siktiler haralde ondan byle knsuon

  5. Spoken like a true caveman yourself, Anonymous. Chris, I don't think anyone would object if you removed the above drivel.

  6. Well, thankfully not too many ladies read our Blog and hopefully they didn't read the garbage written by Anonymous.

    If you were a brave man you would reveal yourself Anonymous and explain why you saw fit to write this nonsense on our Blog !!!

  7. Mountaineering Kanka3:28 pm

    Anonymous is obviously a Galatasary supporter. BOO-HOO! We kicked your asses!