Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Time to resign Artukmac

It is all kicking off at Genclerbirligi with news spreading fast of an act from the deputy chairman of the club that if he has any dignity at all he should resign immediately.

Genclerbirligi Deputy Chairman Tarik Artukmac was caught during the live broadcast of the Fener-Gencler match as giving a high-five to one of the Fener directors after Fenerbahce scored their second goal against us. The man was apparently happy that a goal had been scored against his own team.

We in Ankara have to deal with all the Istanbul supporters but even if we don't like the directors of our clubs, the least we can expect is that they actually support us and not the opposition.

Uproar has ensued on the Gencler forums (fora for you Latin types) as news of Artukmac's actions spreads. The bloke has form. In 2006 for some reason or another he was on the private jet that brought Roberto Carlos to Turkey to play for... yep... Fenerbahce.

At the time he denied any involvement in organising Carlos' transfer from Real Madrid but I can't find any real explanation from him why he happened to be on that private jet. Maybe he was just hitching a ride back home.

"Apart from Genclerbirligi I haven't supported any other team and I still don't," Artukmac was quoted in the press at the time of the Carlos scandal. Mmmmm... right

Then just to add irony to the farce is news that Mehih Gokcek is going to use Artukmac's actions as a defence when he rocks up to try and wriggle Ankaraspor (and presumably his son Ankaragucu chairman Ahmet) out of the various bans they have been imposed with recently.

Artukmac has lost the support of the Gencler fans. At Gencler's next home match in two-weeks time expect the protests to be long and loud.

As the headline on the Alkaralar site says: "Yönetimde İstanbul Çocuğu İstemiyoruz!"


  1. a question just out of curiosity: why don't gençler supporters also support hacettepespor? by 'support' i mean go the matches and so.

  2. Shameless is not strong enough. Disgraceful and unforgiveable is what we should be saying !

    Perish the thought of anything as disloyal as this ever happening in the Ankaragucu Boardroom !!!!

  3. Anonymous10:23 pm

    unfortunately all the club management boards in both G.Birliği and A.Gücü were captured by some rich people as a matter of power in the last 20 years when the clubs had financial crisis.
    Therefore there is a lot of members in those clubs which have even no symphaty other than to be a fan.
    Of course this is more than a shame ,definitely disgusting.
    But we have to be sure that those people never feel lack of proper personality.
    Please note that former A.Gücü chairman is also a member of Fenerbahçe.Also be informed that he has been nominated to A.Gücü by the former Turkish prime minister inorder to prevent M.gökçek's intention to seize Ankaragücü.
    This is the way of management in Turkey which we are all used to.

  4. The act was disgraceful.

    The man who committed the act is shameless (because you can see that he is insensitive to the disgrace [to the anonymous poster I did not say `it is a shame`]).

    Eski I hope you said the bit about the Gucu boardroom with tongue firmly planted in cheek because, as the anonymous poster pointed out, this corrupt management style is rampant.

    But having this kind of behaviour captured in a photograph should, in a just world, be enough to send this serifsiz yavsak packing.

  5. Connect Kanka Steve11:38 am

    This is absolutely despicable. It epitomizes everything that is wrong with the football culture in this country. While I don't doubt that similarly disreputable behavior goes on in the Ankaragucu boardroom, the gaucherie to do so within view of national television is astounding in its stupidity.

  6. Anonymous1:39 pm

    İn my previous post , the reason for my definition ( disgusting ) is not only because of his last action ( high five ) but also his previous act to travel along with the Fenerbahçe manegement to Madrid during the transfer of Roberto Carlos.And all the Gençler supporters are well know this story.
    Here Ishould mention that Iam an Ankaragücü fan and this kind of peoples are also effects my club's success and progress.

  7. Volkan,

    Thanks for the info. there were several things you mentioned that I wasn't aware of.