Monday, October 12, 2009

Cut and paste time kiddies

The blog has been inundated recently with people putting into Google searches such as "one paragraph on Ankara", or "paragraph writing about a city I have visited ankara" etc etc.

Pretty specific stuff. Clearly some school group has been visiting the city and they have been assigned some homework and we here at "The round ball in Ankara" are here to help! No need for attribution or any of that crap.... "Control C" then "Control V" is all you need.

Please find below all you need to copy (our advice is that you change the odd word otherwise your teacher might think you have the intelligence of a sad football fan).

Ankara is a really cool place. It is full of people. It also has lots of nice parks which all have signs that say they were built by a man called Melih Gokcek. He must be a very important man because none of the signs have graffiti on them.

The parks are all very nice but are not like the ones we have in (insert your city, country name here) because in Ankara they care so much for the environment that they don't allow you to step on the grass. It is nice to see a municipal council caring so much about greenery.

I met some lovely Ankara people but for some reason 99 percent of them support Istanbul football teams, but I did find one person who said he supported an Ankara team. He was nice, unlike the Istanbul yalakalar.

A guaranteed A plus


  1. Jamie9:40 am



    Cardinals are out. Sorry Jim.

  2. Connect Kanka Steve11:45 am

    Stunningly brilliant, Oz Kanka.

  3. Agree with Connect ....... isn't it great to have a sense of humour ???

    btw, Phillie Kanka could do with a sense of humour too !!! OK, sorry about the Cardinals, but I'm sure the Red Sox (if they are still in it ??!!) will take care of Phillie's lot - still can't believe a small town like Phillie made it this far !!!

    btw btw, is this a round ball footie blog or .... is it becoming a funny shaped ball blog me wonders in hindsight ??!!