Monday, October 26, 2009

Hibs Miss Out on Top Spot

Hibs missed out on the chance to top the SPL on Saturday after only drawing with Rangers 1-1 at Ibrox, not often we can say that.

I suppose it shows how far Yogi Hughes has taken Hibs since he took over in the summer. That and how far the rest of the teams have fallen after loosing out on TV money when Setanta went bust.

There is no doubting the exciting style of play Hibs are taking to the table and as each week goes by our expectations become more and more unrealistic, its great.

On Saturday Stokes had levelled for Hibs after 63 minutes, Rangers had taken an early lead through Chris Boyd. Rangers passed up a few good opportunities early in the second half but could also easily have lost the game when Colin Nish missed a great chance for Hibs with only a few minutes remaining.

Last week Hibs had defeated Kilmarnock at Easter Road by a goal to nil. After a tight first half Hibs came out fighting and totally dominated the game. Despite their dominance Hibs had to wait till the 83rd minute for their goal. A slightly dodgy penalty was awarded after Benji tumbled in the box. Benji picked himself up and scored to the keepers left.

I would not say Hibs are anywhere near a finished article but when they click they are producing nice football, If they continue to improve at this rate we Hibees are in for a good season.


  1. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Well imo,if any Scottish club other than Rangers or Celtic are ever going to win the league again then they wont get many better chances than this or next season.Rangers two home Champs League results have been embarrassing and Celtic's in the Europa not much better.Both are dropping lots of points in the league too.I for one would love to see someone else take the title this year.

    Dublin Neil.

  2. Anonymous11:02 pm

    i was at the game and have to admit i was very impressed with Hibs.They played attacking football and have some excellent players like Zemmama and Stokes.

    Rangers are murder to watch and so are Celtic. A bad state for Scottish football the now.


  3. When the likes of Hibs or Dundee Utd take points of the Glasgow Two it is sweet music in my ears. It's been too long since they were seriously challenged.

    There are a few other teams, eg Aberdeen and Hearts who could also make a challenge.

    However, let's not get too carried away just yet. We're not half way through the tunnel yet and, as we all know, it is not easy to go to the intimidating atmosphere of Ibrox and Parkheid and come away with something.

    Hibs in the Champions League ? It's been too long coming !!

  4. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Hibs would definitely give Sivasspor a game in the Champions League!Cant see the stars and planets aligning in such a way as to allow that to happen any time in the near future though!

    Dublin Neil.

  5. Oh ye of little faith Neil !!!

    OK then, how about this for Round One ...

    Hibs v Shamrock Rovers

    and this for the final .....

    Hibs v Real Madrid

    We have beaten Real Madrid 2-0 when they were in their hayday (a guid few years ago), so why can't we do it again ??!!

  6. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Well I watched the Celtic Hearts CIS cup match last night and despite my recent criticism of the state of Scottish football at the moment, even I was shocked at what I saw.Celtic were really atrocious,desperate in fact.And this with a full team.Samaras missed so many clean cut chances it became embarrassing.Most of the team are currently devoid of confidence and under Mowbray have won just 2 matches in 8 at Parkhead.Their best player at the mo is Paddy McCourt, an Irish lad who they bought from part time Derry City last season.And if they keep going like this they'll have him ruined soon enough too.Really Jim this was shocking stuff.Typified by McManus' red card for a disgrateful "tackle" in the last minute.
    Things can ONLY get better.

    Dublin Neil.

  7. It sticks in my throat to say it, but ....... well done Hearts !!

    I'm still supporting St Johnstone in this Competition. After all, if they are good enough to knock out The Mighty Hibs, then they are good enough to win the bloody thing !!!