Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News flash from economy control centre

News flash just sent in by text message from our World Economic Disaster correspondent Spine:

Deputy Central Bank Governor Erdem Başçı today announced that he supports Ankaragucu.

In extensive background research (ie we Googled his name) we have discovered that Dr. Başçı is an Ankara boy through-and-through having been born here and completing school and university in the capital. Perhaps this is the man we should be lobbying to take over Ankaragucu.

In a second text news flash Central Bank Governor Durmuş Yılmaz by neat example showed why the big Istanbul teams have so many supporters.

"I know nothing about football. I am a Galatasaray supporter, officially at least," he said on Tuesday.


  1. go ahead durmuş , support and cheer yourself up for istanbul but your state's capital !
    i have been waiting in dread the day they will carry vital financial and economics institutions to istanbul ad leave us in a situation by which ankara is just ''literally'' capital city of türkiye...

    wrong way leaders... a foundation (besides, this institution is the center of making decisions such as rising money supply , lowering interest rates and making econometric estimates about inflation etc.) should strictly stay within the borders of the city which contains Grand National Assembly building !
    otherwise we can suffer from the lag of activating policies aimed to reach out macro-economic goals.

    we got used to that ankara football teams had been outshadowed by the lobby and dirty acts of istanbul's , but i cant endure my city to lost its ''capital'' attributes gradually.

    please , dont tear central bank from ankara , or do you want us to imagine you as if you are all inimical to here?

  2. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Dr. Erdem Başcı has been graduated from TED Ankara college and as far as I know he is the closest friend ( Kanka ) of Mr. Ali Babacan who has also graduated from the same school.
    But other than Erdem Başçı , Ali Babacan is the one who is creating the policies on behalf of the government and executing the decisions taken by the government particularly to carry all the financial associations from Ankara to İstanbul.
    Therefore We need more Ankaragücü supporters in and around the government and the managing authorities to keep Ankara as the capital of Türkiye.

  3. To clarify the footballing position of the Turkish central bank:

    Governor Durmus Yilmaz said he'd only chosen Galatasaray because it was the first team he could think of when Bank of England Governor Mervyn King asked him who he supports.

    Otherwise Mr Yilmaz was happy to acknowledge complete ignorance of football. He couldn't even remember the team at the latest match he'd attended and had to ask Basci.

    The answer: "That was Genclerbirligi-Fenerbahce, sir.''

    We can understand why he blanked the game from his mind.

    The central bank staff were speaking at a conference in Eskisehir.