Thursday, October 22, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The KO times have been announced for Wednesday.

Istanbul BBS v Genclerbirligi - KO 3pm

Ankaragucu v Karsiyaka - KO 7pm

Therefore, with the evening KO I will defo be going. Due to school time contraints, I will go to The Chopin Bar direct from school. I'll be there about 5.30ish and going to the Stadium at about 6.15ish.

However, there is a chance that my school will be finishing early on Wednesday due to the Bayram the next day. If that is so, then I'll be in The Chopin earlier !!

Anyone up for joining me ? If so, see you in The Chopin or in Maraton in the usual area.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. nice , at wednesdays my lecture starts after noon and probably finishes around 5 or 5:30.
    i was afraid of a date between 2 and 5 but thank god i can catch up karşıyaka match without any extra effort in bus or subway !!

    but it seems i will have been wearing my jersey and scarf already not to lose time and money in order to change my apparel at home but i havent figured out a solution what to do with my lecture stuff yet...

  2. What a dumb question.;-) I'm there.

  3. Suggestion for I F Celine ...... come to The Chopin Bar before 6.15pm and meet us kankas. You can leave your books and stuff with Ali Bey, the manager, and collect them after the match when we return there to celebrate our victorrreee yesssssssssss. Good idea ??

    Is Battle Damaged suggesting a new name for Eski ?? Dumb Kanka ? Nah ..... we have a Clueless Kankie, so I'll stick to Eski !!!


  5. Connect Kanka Steve2:39 pm

    I'll be there too. And what is the World Series junk doing on a soccer blog? I'm confused...

  6. I agree, let's keep rounders off the blog, at least until the rest of the world is actually invited to play in a world series. :)

  7. i could try to accomodate myself to be at 6:15 in there but it seems very hard as of now.

    actually the lecture of that day was cancelled by commitee but i should take an appointment with my lecturer to talk about the details of the term paper i will submit.and keep this under your hat this guy is one of the bloody-minded professors within our faculty so unfortunaletely i will have to convince him about my main plot that i am planning to prepare.

    have a good day fellas , probably i can catch the match before the national anthem was announced.

    drink a bottle more on my behalf :D

  8. Yes, and a word of wisdom for Connect Kanka Steve ..... what's the word 'soccer' doing on an Association Football Blog ??!!

    I F Celine, if you come direct to the Stadium, we generally sit somewhere between Gate 7 and 8 in Maraton. You can't miss us .... we are the young, good looking and foreign looking dudes !!!

  9. i am sure you are :D

    but i generally , even all the time , take my place at gecekondu , you know right behind the nets and keeper.i have never been in maraton to be honest.

    i like to be among the ones who are hectic and fervent!we appreciate packed and furious supporters' troops who smoke throughout whole ninety minutes and cuss to the opponent's players :D

  10. Hey, what a coincidence ...... that's exactly what I do too !!! Well, especially the cussing bit. It has been said many times that Eski Kanka Jim has two personalities ! The pleasant one he shows to his students and the other foul mouthed one at the Stadium !!!

    Anyway, we'll be singing with you guys in Gecikondu on Wednesday.

  11. Connect Kanka Steve6:13 pm

    I'm an American, Eski! One should avoid being the kind of Yank who uses 'football' instead of 'soccer'. They are generally a disreputable bunch!