Sunday, October 04, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

What an unbelieveable day for the Ankaragucu Kankas ..... all 24 of them !!

ANKARAGUCU 3 Galatasaray 0

I'm not going to repeat that score - it is NOT a misprint !

I'm too drunk and euphoric at this hour to report on the match, but a report will be posted tomorrow night !

Not so good news from the other Ankara team, Genclerbirligi, who went down by the same score in Kadikoy ..... grrrrrrr.

Quiz question for Maniac Kanka ..... when was the last time that Ankaragucu beat ANY Istanbul team by 3-0 ????

All the best from 'still up in the air' Eski Kanka Jim

The goals

After the match


  1. Anonymous12:14 am

    watched the game live. what a game, what an atmospehere and what a performance. Thats what we are capable of Jim. All in all great day for me with both Ankaragucu and Rangers winning


  2. Anonymous12:51 am

    Jim why dont you arrange a common platform between the Rangers and Ankaragücü supporters.
    It will be great to establish a link between the two clubs .?

  3. Anonymous1:26 am

    did Risp play?

  4. Anonymous10:05 am

    Yes!!!!!!!! Unbelievable. What a dream result. The lion sleeps tonight. A Raith Rovers link is more likely than Rangers. The Rangers fans do not travel well. Yes!!!!!!!!! What a way to start a Monday morning. Reading this. The score is going up on my board.

    A delighted,
    Kirkcaldy Kanka

  5. Wish you could have been there, Kircaldy Kanka. It was a beautiful sight indeed.

    And this was not a weak Galatasaray, Frank Rijkaard and his squad were having a phenomenal season up to that point. We were, of course, only too happy to change that for them however--even with our three strikers and our best defender out!

    Only wish that GB could have shared in the glory.

  6. "Offsides, Fuck off!"

  7. The Bilkent kankas also promised they would be putting the score up on the boards... looking forward to hearing the reactions. Well done Ankaragucu.

  8. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Actually went into a class today...that I was not teaching and put it on the board.

  9. By the way, can all you anonymous people sign up... it is difficult to figure out who you all are.

  10. Actually went into a class today...that I was not teaching and put it on the board.

  11. Well done Jamie... for both actions

  12. Connect Kanka Steve12:39 pm

    Even with their limited command of English, the Galatasaray supporters in my class were spitting fire this morning. The gist of their complaints went something along the lines of "Melih Gökçek, Melih Gökçek and Melih Gökçek!" They also did not appreciate the Gecekondu scarf I was wearing.

    Looking forward to Jim's report.

  13. Jamie1:05 pm

    Haha. I didnt know it was Melih who scored all three goals?

  14. Venezuelan Kanka1:18 pm

    After being detained at the airport for eight hours and showing up to work jetlagged, I was pretty sure my day would suck. It has turned around. I had to hear the cheers of the fener fans at the airport which just made the unpleasent situation even worse. Ceyhun's goal was vicious.

  15. Jamie1:30 pm

    Ceyhun didnt score... Good to hear you are back.

  16. I keep watching the goals over and over again. Brings a smile to my face every time.

    As for the GS supporters spitting fire and blaming Melih Gokcek for their woes, how stupid can they be? We didn't even have Vassell with us yesterday because the Gokcek's hadn't paid him.

    Anyway, we've now stuffed us a lion. It's time to think of the future and of the prospect of bagging us a couple of "bul" birds. The big ugly black one is on Sunday the first of November in Inonu. The itsie bitsie, yellow one is on Sunday 13 December at Sukru Saracoglu.

  17. Anonymous3:54 pm

    that is the winning by ankaragucu which they write ankaragucu history again.ankaragucu's first winning by 3 goal difference to 3 ist teams in a league game.

  18. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Whats that about Vassell not been paid mate ? not good news if so as he will end up leaving


  19. Anonymous4:06 pm

    when cengiz topel as a president,in the summer time,on vassell transfer there was a money issue on the contract.we put pressure to directors to bring vassell ankara and make a contract.then gokcek became president and there was again payment problem about vassell.yes it is true.this is important,we make happy vassell because he is only star player who came ankaragucu.if we want bring other big players to ankara i hope we gokceks solve this issue.

  20. Hey guys, well done! Althought I am sorely dissapointed with Koray Gencerler (and nothing to do with I.Gökçek), I believe you have deserved it fair and square. GS was disoriented with low quality of passing and players not knowing their duties on the pitch (Servet trying to cross the ball in the attack etc).
    Still, there should have been 2 red cards to someone I dont remember for almost killing Aydın and to Ediz for his tackle to Uğur.
    But that should not overshadow the Gücü performance, congrats again :)


  22. I wore my Ankaragucu Tie, which Maniac Kanka made for me, to school today and I milked the revenge on all the Galatasaray teachers and students who had been giving me shit last week about what they were going to do to us !!

    I also have a few Ankaragucu students who came up to me and kissed the crest first before kissing me !!! Oh yes, and the Fener supporters were a wee bit happy with me too - I wonder why ??!!

    All in all ....... ohhhhh .... I really enjoyed that as much as Steve and Jamie did at Bilkent.

  23. I'm living vicariously through those of you still working in the classroom.