Sunday, October 25, 2009

Live radio blogging: Diyarbakir v Genclerbirligi

Preamble: Good morning football lovers. My first opportunity of the season for some live radio blogging. For those of you who are new to this caper, this is a Web 2.0 production whereby I listen to the radio and try to understand what the hell is going on and then write it up. It is normally a bit haphazard as for a start my Turkish is shaky at the best of times and the radio commentators speak extremely fast.

I'll be back here for KO which is at 2pm Turkish time. Remember the clocks went back an hour last night and don't forget you can contact me during the match through our wisely-named 'Contact us' form.

1:49 pm: Slight change to the plans. KO isn't for another hour and a bit.

2:37 pm: Its all gone pear-shaped and I haven't even started. It seems as if TRT radio is the only place doing live radio. As there are four matches on at the same time they will be crossing backwards and forwards. In other words, you won't be getting full-on Diyarbakir on Gencler action.

Last year Lig Radyo had radio rights and they streamed every match over the internet. Well done TRT and the TFF, flamin' galahs, you have managed to go backwards technology-wise.

Abbreviated coverage coming soon.

2:46 pm: The four matches kicking off at 3 pm are:
Diyarbakir v Genclerbirligi
Kasimpasa v Denizli
Manisa v Antalya
Sivas v Gaziantep

3:02 pm: Peep, peep and they are off. Gencler start off with a free kick which Kahe sends out. Not sure of the team yet.

3:05 pm Patiyo sends it to Hursit, big chance but last minute stop from a defender. Sounds like we are up for it. Radio moves on to another match.

3:09 pm Oh dear, now TRT have decided to cross to second division matches. This is a joke.

3:16 pm No idea what is happening in Diyarbakir but Kasimpasa have gone one up against Denizli.

3:17 pm Hursit has a shot off the post, ball falls to Kahe but misses. Commentator says we have had a lot of chances, including Kahe missing a "bom bosh" shot at goal (I don't have Turkish characters on my laptop. Sorry about that). And off we go to another match.

3:25 pm I still have no idea of the team.

Feedback! Of a sort. Sir Eski Kanka has just phoned and says he and Battle Damaged are heading down to the Chopin Bar to watch Liverpool v Man. United. They will also be staying there for the Fener v Galatasaray match which kicks off at 8pm. If you are thinking of heading down, give Jim or Damon a ring so they can reserve a seat for you.

3:30 pm Kahe on the attack, Pektemek fails to capitalize. Meanwhile the commentator must be reading this blog as he has just acknowledged that he hasn't given the weather nor the team squad. Now Hursit has a go, to the keeper. Now he does give the squad but speaks so bloody fast I can't follow.

3:32 pm Now Cem Can hits the post. C'mon boys! EDIT: that might have been Hursit hitting the post actually.

3:36 pm Oh dear, Diyarbakir have scored. Sounds like we should be ahead but haven't been putting it away. Diyarbakir 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi

3:42 pm Following football on the radio can be nerve wracking. As they commentate on some match and news comes through: "And goal news from Diyarbakir". Your hopes are high and then..... arrrgggghhhh. In actual match news, we continue to attack full on, just no luck.

3:47 pm Arggh. Commentator says they scored. But then takes it back not realising that the ball actually went out. Half-time. I'm off for a cigarette.

3:53 pm Commentator says it is a great fast match. Glad he is enjoying it.

Half-time scores:

Diyarbakir 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Kasimpasa 1 - 1 Denizli
Manisa 0 - 1 Antalya
Sivas 0 - 0 Gaziantep

4:07 pm Second-half has kicked off but they have yet to cross to Diyarbakir. In the meantime, why are Sir Eski and Battle Damaged talking about (in the comments section of this post) tonight's derby and not the match at hand. Meanwhile, Kahe has another go... but no luck.

4:17 pm Burhan comes on, Cem Can off. Then Diyarbakir counter... seems like they should have scored. And then Diyarbakir attack again, and again. Now we attack. Burhan is straight into the action, but nothing is happening. Get on with it Gencler!

4:23 pm Commentator says we are very messy. Losing possession all the time. Back to normal?

4:28 pm We keep on attacking but still nothing. Just a few minutes left. Can we get back a goal? I'm not confident. Now Kahe stuffs up again, and another attack and a ball goes to no one.

4:31 pm Actually we have a fair bit of time left, 17 minutes. Diyarbakir though look more likely to score.

4:36 pm Kahe misses again!

4:42 pm Now Burhan misses a "bom bosh" goal. Corner coming up. Nothing comes from it.

4:46 pm Both teams have used up their substitutes. I have no idea who has come on, or off, for us. Looks like there will be no points for us today. Just a couple of minutes left.

4:52 pm Peep, peep and we have lost. All very depressing considering how many shots we stuffed up.

All the results:

Diyarbakir 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Kasimpasa 3 - 1 Denizli
Manisa 1 - 2 Antalya
Sivas 3 - 0 Gaziantep

Evening all. I'll try and join Sir Eski and Battle damaged down at the Chopin.


  1. Just time to say ........... C'mon Gencler. I'm off in a few mins to support Liverpool - their history is half Scottish with the likes of the Great Bill Shankley and Kenny Dalglish .... names to conjour with !

    As for the Fener v CimBom match, I'll support the referee and hope it ends in a draw.

    Oh yes, and we'll be celebrating Ankaragucu's great victoreeeeee today !!!!

    C'mon Gencler !!!

  2. I'm supporting GS. Let us see Fener get beat by another team that we have beat so that spirits are high when we play them later this season.

    Also helps keep the first position within come back range!

    Am I too optimistic?

  3. I was really up for the Liverpool match and they didn't let me down. However, I was yawning all the way through the Istanbul match.

    We were all squeezed into the Chopin Bar - Battle Damaged, Connect, Phllie and a few others and I was trying my best to be interested !

    All those 'closet' Istanbul supporters were there and I was really feeling 'sick' .... can't wait for Wednesday to see the 'real' Ankara supporters.

    Who gives a flying fuk who won ! The sad fact is that Sakarya Cadd was full of red n' yellow and blue n' yellow (Fener shade) and no matter how many times I see it, it makes me peuk !!

    However, that said, it was a good night out and just an an aperatif for Wednesday's celebrations !!! Bring it on !

  4. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Well thats the problem Jim,Liverpool dont have Souness,Hansen and Dalglish any more.It's the likes of Insua,Lucas and Voronin I'm afraid!And come to think of it, Benitez aint no Shankly is he?Some Liverpool fans will realise that they cant win a league title with the current squad.Even after today's result.
    Fener had it over Gala I see this evening.When are they coming to Ankara anyhow?

    Dublin Neil.

  5. Connect Kanka Steve9:47 am

    To echo Eski's remarks: I'm seeing a lot more blue and yellow around school these days. Last year it seemed as if everyone was wearing black and white. I'd say FB is going to be the new darling of Turkish youth for the moment.

  6. An interesting thought about the Liverpool match Neil. Did you notice how many times the camera zoomed in on Kenny Dalglish in the VIP Section ? Is it possible that he's being lined up to take over when Benitez gets the boot me wonders ???!!!

    Ankaragucu will play Fener in Istanbul on the weekend of 12/13 December. The return in Ankara is scheduled for weekend of 8/9 May.

  7. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Wow, Fener in Ankara very late in the season.Off the top of my head that should maybe one of the last matches of the season,what with the WC Finals next summer.It could be a momentous game with a big bearing on the title.
    Going back to Liverpool I'll put it another way.Take Gerrard and Torres out of the team and you've got a mid table side nothing more.A Sunderland,if you will.

    Dublin Neil.

  8. Yes Neil, it will be the 2nd last match. The last one is away to Sivas the following weekend. In fact, Nadeem is planning to come to Ankara from Glasgow for the Ankaragucu v Fener match - hope we can give him something to cheer about !
    Re Liverpool, and I won't disagree with you. It is interesting to note the absence of any Youth Players coming through the system as we have at Hibs for example.
    Hibs and Dundee Utd in Scotland and Ajax in Holland are famous for their Youth System. I'm surprised that they don't seem to be copied elsewhere !