Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ankaragucu 2010/11 Player Reviews !

With the season now over and a 13th Placed finish for Ankaragucu in our centenary year, it certainly inst a season to remember. Lets have a look at the players who can hold there head high, and the players who need to take a look at themselves and improve. Every player will be given a mark out of ten on how they performed.

Stefan Senecky (6) - Struggled with injury for the first part of the season, on his return had some good performances that either won us a point or won us the game. His handling needs to improve though and at times he struggles with balls into the box. With him taking up a foreign player place in the team it remains to be seen if he has done enough to return next season.

Ozden Ongun (5) - Did have his games where he performed well, then had his nightmares like at home to Bursaspor where he lost five goals. His handling and concentration let him down as he is a good shot stopper.

Bayram Olgun (5) - Turkish Under 21 International, only played 2 games this season and both games ended in defeat. Haven't been impressed from what I have seen but he is still young and has potential.

Bora Kork (5) - Never let us down and im surprised he played less games than the other goalkeepers.

Ugur Ucar (7) - This mark could have been so much higher if he hadn't missed a lot of games due to injury. Hard working player who loves to get forward. The management need to sort out his payments and make sure he is here next season.

Kagan Soylemezgiller (6) - Held down a first team place this season with Hurriyet moving on loan to Gaziantep. Still young and on his game a very good player. Had a poor end to the season and will need to work hard to keep his place in the team this coming season.

Turgut Dogan Sahin (6) - The most frustrating player in the team, can either look a very poor footballer, or a match winner with his skill. Since Mesut has come in his game has improved and I'm really looking forward to seeing him next season. Could be one to watch.

Stanislav Sestak (8) - Fantastic signing for the club scoring 10 goals this term, goals agains the big teams in Fenerbahce and Galatasaray as well. Hard worker with pace that is difficult for any team to defend. Hopefully the club can agree a fee with Bochum for a permanent move.

Metin Akan (6) - Had a great start to the season, and scored some important goals. One of the goals coming in the famous win against Galatasaray in Istanbul. Good servant to the club who has now left on a free transfer.

Robert Vittek (5) - Poor season due to Injury and Attitude. Vittek has made no secret that he wants to leave the club. Scoring only 1 goal which was a penalty against Bucaspor since his return to the team, his body language has shown that he isn't interested in being here. Trabzonspor will meet our officials this weekend to discuss a possible move.

Mehmet Cogum (5) - Was surprised this guy was a footballer when I first saw him play, he did start to play better as the games went by though. Suffered a bad knee injury which has kept him out for the last couple of months.

Jan Rajnoch (8) - Cult hero amongst the Tribunes, Jan can be proud of his season. Although our defence had a bad season, he played very well and I hate to think where we would have been if he wasn't there. Has played in so many different positions and always works hard for the team. Another player we hope to keep in the team.

Murat Druer (5) - Another frustrating player, can play a wonderful 60 yard pass, but makes the 2 yard pass look so difficult. Hard working player who covers the most amount of ground, needs more quality with the ball though.

Guven Varol (6) - Great start to the season where he was one of our most important players, injury meant he missed the second half of the season. Will be good to see him back. Winner of goal of the season for me with his strike away to manisaspor.

Umut Sozen (5) - Hasn't been able to break into the team until the last couple of games. From what I've seen has some ability.

Jarioslav Cerny (0) - very strange signing in which the player never played a single game. Has returned to Czech Republic.

Aydin Toscali (4) - one of the slowest defenders I've ever seen. Gave away so many goals and the management need to sign a replacement if we want to push up the league.

Marek Sapara (7) - Fantastic player who we missed badly when he was injured. His passing, work rate and free kicks bring so much to the team. Trabzonspor have bid for our captain and will have discussions over the weekend. Looks to have played his last game.

Fatih Tekke (6) - Expensive signing in that he will be paid big wages. His talent is clear to see, if he can stay fit then he brings a lot to the team. Struggles with fitness and injuries.

Ozgur Cek (6.5) - Inconsistent season from the youngster. To be fair to him, he hasn't been done any favours playing in defence. Next season is a big one for him and I'm expecting big things. Works hard and has a lovely left foot.

Ergin Keles (3) - Only played in 2 games, looks a big strong boy.

Adem Kocak (7) - Important player who has taken the captains arm band from Sapara. Does a great job in front of the defence. Good on the ball but needs better players around him for us to see the best in him. Will be staying at the club this coming season.

Serdar Ozkan (6.5) - In the games he played he looked very good. Has some nice touches, speed and skill. Scored some good goals to. Has been out injured and also hasn't been paid by management. Another player who could go elsewhere.

Roman Bednar (6) - Would have given a higher mark if he was here longer and played more games. Did well in his loan spell and disappointing that he will return to West Brom.

Theo Weeks (6) - Talanted youngster who will benefit from his loan spell at Rizespor. Will return to the team and fight for his place in midfield. Has lots of potential.

Drago Gabric (7) - Save the best for last, great player who has worked hard for the club. Would love to see him sign a permanent deal. Most importantly i hope he has a full recovery from his car crash. Get well soon Drago.


  1. Anonymous6:07 pm

    A great synopsis of the team's performance this season Nadeem and no criticisms of your scores (except perhaps Murat !!!).

    I'm off to The Red Lion Club soon to support Sir Alex's boys in The Big Yin.

    Hope Fletch gets a place on the bench after missing out twice in the past through injury and suspension.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Good luck to man united tonight with sir alex and fletcher representing scotland. I know Barca are on a different planet in football terms, but i want man u to win.

  3. Quite an impressive post, Nadeem. I guess I would agree with everything you've said more or less except for the fact that I would in no way rate Sapara less highly than Sestak and Rajnoch. I wonder what Jim would say about this.

    Stop being so damn nationalistic, Nadeem. :) Barca truly were on a different planet where the laws of physics seem to be bent in their favor. Never expected them to make Man U.look so bad, but they did. Kudus to Sir Alex, Rio, and the other players who handled the loss with grace.

  4. Anonymous11:14 am

    I forgave Nadeem with his score for Sapara on the basis that he hasn't seen him play as often as us in the first half of the season.

    Kaptan Marvel Marek was outstanding and is truly one of the best players ever to wear an Ankaragucu shirt.

    I said a prayer last night to God that The Gokceks will dig deeper into their pockets to retain our Kaptan for next season and build the team around HIM. We need him !

    As for Barca's performance last night ...... bloody hell, what can you say about them that hasn't been said before ?

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  5. Ok, so that is Damon and Eski giving Sapara an 8.

    As for Barca, everyone keeps talking about how they are at the peak of their game. That may well be, but we have no idea where they will go from here. Good to know that Guardiola will be back.

    Good article here that gives more insight into the theory behind their magic.

    Unfortunately, I don't think our AG players have the requisite skills to apply too much of this to their own game, especially if we don't even hold on to our best players.

  6. no i stand by my mark for Sapara. He is our most talented player without a doubt.

    His start to the season was excellent, but his form dropped before injury. Although damon made a good point that was probably due to carrying the team.

    Any news on the portuguese signings or vittek n sapara to trabzon?

  7. Yes, but I wouldn't say that Rajnoch or Sestak were more consistent, and at times he really was the main component keeping us from slipping into oblivion.

  8. true damon, ive just seen this on the anti x website, this looks like where us and gencler will be playing when the new stadium is been built, where is it?

  9. Anonymous3:31 pm

    The Asas Stadium is in Yenikent, and as I predicted a few days ago, we will be going to (my description) HELL and back !!!

    More ...... argghhhhh and grrrrrrrrrrr

    from Eski Kanka Jim

  10. "Sestak ile ilgili görüşmeler son aşamaya geldi.
    (The talks with Sestak are in the final stage.)

    Çok iyi bir yerli stoper transfer ediyoruz.
    (We are getting a very good Turkish stopper.)

    Avrupa kupası finalinde oynayan çok iyi bir futbolcuyla da anlaştık. Salı günü Ankara'ya gelmesini bekliyoruz.
    (We have also signed a very good footballer who played in the European Cup final. We are expecting him to come to Ankara on Tuesday.)

    Ayrıca bir de Avrupa'da ülkesinin milli takımında oynayan kaliteli bir futbolcu ile de görüşüyoruz.
    (We are also meeting with a European who plays for his country's national team.)

    Salı günü onun ismini de açıklayacağız. Şeklinde konuşmuştu."
    (We will announce his name on Tuesday.)

    So basically it sounds like we have to wait until Tuesday to find out more, Nadeem.

  11. Damn, unfortunately, Jim, as he so often is, is right about the stadium, too, Nadeem. Not happy about this, as it means we will be spending at least all of next season heading out to that unholy ground.

  12. Thanks for the information Damon, i would imagine Joao Paulo will be the player who played in the European Cup final, im sure he was with Porto at that time.

    As for the stadium, i know what your saying guys, but if it takes going to yenikent for 2 years until we have a fantastic state of the art season then it makes sense, this new stadium is a must if ankaragucu are to progress

  13. Even worse, Eski kanka Jim has to solely rely on his optimism pills as he can't celebrate an Ankargucu win (or drink his sorrow) with luvlllie yummie Efes… Yenikent is dry county (AKP turf).

    Also trust the Jandarma to perform more rigorous security checks (lighters, matches, pens, small change and so).

  14. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Ho ho ho ha ha ha ....... nice one from The Flying Dutchman !!

    The jury is still out on our plan of attack when the journey to HELL kicks in. Even last night at the Ordu match the subject reared its ugly head again.

    I guess this will be one of the main talking points during the summer when the kankas gather to share their 'olde footie memories' !!

    As for yummy scrummy Effffesss ...... I think we must meet earlier next season to allow for that journey to Hell !!!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim