Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ankaragucu vs Antalyaspor - Match Preview

Picture above taken from LigTV

The seasons final match takes place in Ankara on Saturday as Ankaragucu welcome Antalyaspor to the 19 Mayis Stadium. The team will want to put last weeks match behind them and bounce back with a win in front of the home crowd.

The last time the two teams met was a 2-2 draw in Antalya which we were unlucky not to win with yet another dodgy penalty given against us. Michael Zewlakow and Marek Sapara scored our goals. Speaking of Sapara, he travelled with the squad last weekend to Istanbul for some Support and joined the management team on the bench.

Antalyaspor have had a decent season. They have avoided releagation which is one of there main goals with them not been one of the leagues big spenders. They had a very good start to the season and looked like they would fight for a UEFA Cup place. However they have had a poor second half of the season. They have only won one of there last 6 games which was a 3-2 win away at Bucaspor. Last weekend they suffered another defeat as they lost 2-1 at home to Karabukspor. One of there few success stories of there season has been the form of Necati Ates who has still managed 11 goals. Kerem Seras is another player worth watching out for.

The last day of the season is a chance for all the Tribunes to come and thank the players and management for there efforts. It is also a chance for them to say goodbyes to some of the players who will move on in the summer. As Jim said in a previous post, Ankaragucu has a history of selling so many players and having to replace them every season. Hopefully we will hold onto our star players. Although the team hasn't reached the highs expected this season, there have been some very good moments like beating all the Istanbul teams this season. We still have a chance of finishing above Galatasaray as well so still a lot to play for.

Ankaragucu have no other injury worries ahead of this weekends game. Stefan Senecky will be suspended due to his sending off against Fenerbahce. There will also be a chance of Jarioslaw Cerny making his debut in the game as well.

Im predicting a 3-1 win for Ankaragucu in this game. Hope everyone turns up and enjoys the game. Sing a song for me fellow Kankas.


  1. I'm with Nadeem on this one. I'm predicting an emphatic victoreeeeeee in the region of 3 or 4-0.

    It's sure to be a carnival atmosphere and I'm expecting a fun day out.

  2. I'm just hoping for an upbeat end to the season. See you there, Jim.

  3. some transfer news fron ankara, Orhan Sam and Mustafa Pektemek are mmoth wanted by Fenerbahce. I would love to see Ankaragucu sign these two. Sorry OZ

  4. Not only that but our current fill in coach today said that they need to go to a bigger club. WTF? Gencler should be doing everything to hold onto them instead of looking to sell every half decent player we have.

  5. Anonymous1:24 am

    i agree oz, its ok if you keep them for a few seasons then someone comes in for big bucks and they go, but activley selling them after just breaking into the team shows no ambition.

  6. Can you feel the frustration in Oz Kanka's comments ?

    Gencler is so clever at this form of making bucks for Cavcav, which is one of the reasons why the club is debt free. What about the long suffering fans ???

    It's not much different at Ankaragucu either. I remember shedding gallons of tears when we sold Augustine and Umut Bulut to Trabzon.

    The question arises yet again ...... when will the Ankara teams start acting like Capital City teams who have ambition ??!!

  7. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Ah isnt that the thing though, Ankara is the capital city in the federal government sense but Istanbul is the real capital in everything else but name only.Oooh, controversial!!
    Though being serious for a minute, isnt that the problem.All the media interest,sponsorship,i.e. MONEY, centres on the Istanbullus clubs.Would have thought there were plenty of football loving multi millionaires in Turkey willing to go in to one of the Ankara clubs and "do" an Abrahmovic on it?Well maybe not plenty but one even.

    Dublin Neil

    PS Here's to finishing the season with a win tomorrow.Enjoy the game lads.

  8. Anonymous1:01 am

    cheers neil, hope for an ankaragucu win tommorow and a trabzon win fener draw sunday


  9. Well, a win was not to be. Mesut Bakkal disowned the team the team we saw play in the first half. He said I am not connected with that team. He must have given them one hell of a tongue lashing during half-time because the team that emerged for the second half was on fire, not enough, however, to come back from being down by three unfortunately.

    Actually, Neil, we are being run by a Turkish multimillionaire, but he seems more interested in dancing cats than he does with good football.

  10. Anonymous11:39 pm

    I meant another Turkish multi millionaire.A DIFFERENT one!

    Dublin Neil.