Monday, May 16, 2011

Twelve Against Ten is NOT Fair !!!

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I'm not interested in what the 'so called experts' say in the press, I witnessed the most blatantly biased refereeing I have ever seen in my life last night and the shameful thing is that the referee was wearing a FIFA badge. I hope a FIFA Representative was present last night to see this shameful performance and that Mr Cuneyt Cakir is struck-off the FIFA list, or, at the very least condemned to refereeing the champions of San Marino, Andorra and Luxembourg (with all due respect to the players of these countries !

Hopefully Mr Cakir has a conscience, although I doubt it, and he didn't sleep well last night. We can all guess what motivated him to award Fener THREE non-penalties, give Kagan a yellow card in the 6th minute for a pretty innocuous foul, AND still have time to give Senecky a red card 30 minutes into the first half, and for whaaaaat ??? Trying to save a goal ? Isn't that what goalkeepers do ??!!

Fenerbahce 6 Ankaragucu 0

Let's go back to the beginning.

We met up at our new meeting place, The Fat Cat on Tunali. Maniac Kanka Harun, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I, plus Arty Farty Kanka Deniz who we learned knows absolutely zilch about the Laws of Association Football ! We have a Clueless Kanka in our ranks, so unfortunately we couldn't give him that name !!

Team -

Ugur, Rajnoch, Aydin and Ozgur
Sestak, Adem, Kagan and Murat
Fatih and Vittek

Substitutes - Ozden, T. Dogan and Umut

The match was pretty much even up the the 25 minute mark with play swinging from end-to-end. Vittek and Ugur had a couple of chances, but Senecky was having a quiet time.

Then, the first controversial moment arrived. Alex burst through and Rajnoch made the tackle stretching his leg out for the ball and Alex did a good job of falling over his outstretched leg. No way was it an 'intentional' trip as the 'referee' obviously thought. Dead ball expert Alex doesn't normally miss penalties and he tucked it away in the corner. Cries of anguish from the kankas at the injustice.

3 minutes later and that 'referee' was pointing to the spot again (did I notice a smile on his face as he did ??!!). Naing came bursting through on the break and Senecky came running out to hoof the ball away with his foot. However, Naing got a slight touch to the ball and wrong footed Senecky forcing him to collide with Naing. Again, an unintentional clash of bodies and not a penalty. However, out comes the red card and Alex did the biz putting it in the same corner past Ozden and again we are all shaking our heads in disbelief.

At this point there was a classic statement from Battle Damaged Kanka Damon ....... quote, a picture of corruption in action ..... unquote !!!

5 minutes into the 2nd half and the 'referee' decides to make it THREE penalties. Why settle for only two, his is thinking, when I'm having so much fun !!!

There was break into the penalty box and Ozden came out to smother the ball, but missed. The Fener attacker decides to fall over the prostrate Ozden. Yellow card for Ozden and another penalty executed by Alex.

3-0 down to 3 'non-penalties' and still Senecky and Ozden haven't had a direct shot to save.

However that changed on 73 minutes when a Fener attacker waltzed through the Ankaragucu defence and shot. Ozden had it covered, but the ball took a deflection off Rajnoch and ended up in the goal. When Lady Luck doesn't smile, she can be cruel !

Ankaragucu could have been forgiven at this stage for throwing in the towel, but they didn't. The 10 men kept trying to go forward and attack.

However, the 5th goal arrived with 10 minutes left to play. Another deadball free kick from Alex just outside the box which was flighted over the wall with Ozden rooted to the spot.

Into the last minute and another piece of magic from Alex when he broke free of the Ankaragucu defence, noticed that Ozden was off his line, and executed a perfect lob over his head for No 6.

Final whistle and the camera panned-in on Mr Cakir's face, and guess what ? He was smiling !!!!

So, our apologies to Trabzon for failing to do the necessary. Before closing this sad story, I feel a few words of praise are due to Ugur for his 90 minutes effort. It is unusual to name a Man of the Match in a team defeated 6-0 but he gets my vote.

So to our last match of the season next Saturday at home to Antalya. KO time to be notified in the comments section of this post when I have it.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Mountaineering Kanka12:21 pm

    If I wasn't clear enough earlier... ALL FENERBAHCE FANS ARE PIECES OF SHIT!!! You are not only what is wrong with the super lig, you are also what is wrong with Turkey!!! I hope that all of your players and managers are struck by lightning, that the referee you paid takes it up the butt in hell and that your ugly ass ibne stadium burns to the ground!!!

  2. I think Robbie had a point to make, and ..... I think he made it rather well !!!

    Don't you ???

    heh heh heh ho ho ho !!!

  3. I don't think anyone can really say that we lost to Fener this year. We did however lose to Çakırbahçe.

    Sestak said that "Even if the best team in the world were to come here, with these decisions they would have no chance of winning." It sure seemed like he was right last night.

  4. ive just watched the full highlights and ill give my verdict of all decisions. First one was a soft penalty, Rajnoch actually pulled his leg away but Alex was smart and dived into him. So no penalty for me. Second one was one of the worst sending offs ive seen all season but Senecky was shocking as well, i used to be a goalkeeper and if you come for a ball you get it, he did trip the player up so i can see why ref gave a penalty, and the third one was a stone wall penalty.

    No matter what i still think this game was a fix and i cant see anyone winning the league now other than fenerbahce.

  5. oh and the Kagan booking was never a foul or booking either

  6. On the first penalty, Erman Toroğlu ( to agree with Jim and Nadeem. He says that it wasn't even close to a penalty claiming that Alex went flying on his own accord even while Rajnoch's foot was still on the ground.

    He thought both the penalty and the red card were warranted. He also said that sometimes a team doesn't need the ref. and last night was one of those times which sounds to me like he was saying that Fenerbahçe was just that brilliant.

    My feeling is that the first penalty set everything else in motion. Maybe our players shouldn't have lost their composure, but who can say what would have happened had he gotten the first call right?

    It probably would almost surely have made for a much better match regardless of who ultimately won.

    So the question I'll leave you with is this. Does Cüneyt Çakır normally give penalties that freely, or was this a special case? I intend to look into that a bit.

  7. "probably would almost surely"

    Hmm...have to take the edit box more seriously. :)

  8. Senecky made a mess of the second one and no surprise Aydin was caught out for pace. He cant come for a ball then just stick his leg out, i dont think it was a red card though.

    The last one If that were Ankaragucu on the attack and fenerbahce goalkeeper brought down say sestak i would be screeming for a penalty

  9. Well, after looking at Çakır's record, he doesn't seem to help FB out more than any other team. He does not seem to tolerate much. He red carded Jim's favorite Dany of Gaziantep in their match against Trabzon recently. Trabzon won 3-0.

  10. Connect Kanka11:20 pm

    It requires a very particular mindset for a ref to award three PKs in a row. Is it a coincidence that this happened to occur when the wealthiest club in the country is in the hunt for a championship? Maybe I picked up some of that Turkish proclivity for conspiracy during my time in Ankara, but something about this is too absurd to believe. Tragicomedy at its best.

  11. One of the first things I learnt from Declan Hill's "The Fix", which I reviewed on the blog a while ago, was that it isn't last minute penalties that signify a rigged match, but early ones.

    Just saying....

  12. Another point to ponder .....

    If the boot had been on the other foot, would he have had the guts to award 3 penalties to Ankaragucu in Kadikoy, bearing in mind that he had to exit the Stadium at some point in the evening ??!!

    I remember a match in Paphos, Cyprus which I refereed when the score was 0-0 and I awarded a penalty in the last 10 minutes to the Nicosia team from which they scored.

    I was given a police escort for 20 miles out of Paphos on my way back to Limassol !!!

    On another topic ....

    the KO times for Saturday -

    Ankaragucu v Antalya - 4pm (meeting in The Beer Bus Bar from 2pm)

    Bursa v Gencler - 8pm (match in Eskisehir with no spectators)

  13. Great story, Eski. See you on Saturday.

  14. This is the same ref that allowed FB a way back into the game against Besiktas when he somehow awarded a penalty for an incident outside of the penalty area and provided a red card to the BJK player which changed the match its entirety. He has a habit of favoring FB.........

  15. Mountaineering Kanka4:57 am

    He has a habit of taking money from them.