Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gabric stable

From the Croation Times, here is the latest update on Drago Gabric.

National rep Gabric in stable condition

Croatian national team representative Drago Gabric injured in a car accident is said to be in a stable condition, the daily Slobodna Dalmacija reports. 24-year-old Gabric was put under a medically-induced coma for severe injuries to his skull and brain after his car skidded off the road and hit some rocks on Monday. Doctors say his condition is stable and CT and MR scans show no bleeding, which brings hope he may recover fully. According to hospital sources, there is a possibility the doctors may decide to wake Gabric up today (Wed).


  1. good news , hopefully a full recovery to. amazing how they can just put people into a coma then awake them, didnt know that was possible

  2. bit of transfer news, we have been linked with Mehmet Aykuz from Tavsanli Linyitspor, He has been compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. If he is as half the player then id be happy to see him in an ankaragucu shirt.

    He scored last night in there play off match at gaziantep bb

  3. Anonymous9:44 am

    Well done Gabric and welcome back to the 'awake' world !!

    I saw the 1st half of the Gaziantep BBS v Linyit match last night and was impressed by Aykuz. A big strong boy ! Let's hope that the transfer goes through.

    From Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Well, I heard that when he regained consciousness. His first words were apparently "What happened in the Champions League final?"

  5. Anonymous9:57 am

    Tuesday 31 May .........

    Well, that is a surprising thing for him to say !

    I would have thought that his first words would have been .... has Mesut Bey struck a deal with Senol Bey yet to keep me at Ankaragucu !!!!

    Wise words from Eski Kanka Jim !

  6. Gabric is now going to be leaving intensive care and going into rehabilitation. Can you imagine the applause he will get when he finally hits the pitch again?

  7. 3 June -

    Good news, and hopefully that applause will be at the 19 Mayis Stadium when he is still wearing sari/lacivert !!!

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