Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ankaragucu VIPs Visit Eski's School

Mesut Bey smiling when he found out that there was a Scottish Ankaragucu supporter in Ankara.

Some of Eski's Ankaragucu supporters. From left to right - Muhsin, Sefa, Ege, Emre, The Great Man Himself, Omur and Alper.

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Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Eski's School (Ozel Buyuk Kolej) had a visit from Ankaragucu yesterday in the form of General Manager Ender Yurtguven, Technical Director Mesut Bakkal and Club top goalscorer Sestak.

The students turned out in force and gave them a rousing welcome, especially the Ankaragucu supporters in the audience who gave the VIPs some 'Ankaragucu Songs' before the presentation began. It was almost like being in the Stadium.

Some of the students didn't 'mince words' and fired questions about the possibility of Ankaragucu 'selling' next Sunday's match. Ender Bey elected to give the 'party line' answer and put that question 'firmly to bed' !

There was also questions about hooliganism, in particular aimed at Ankaragucu supporters, but again that answer was fielded 'diplomatically'.

The School Public Relations Manager then called me up to the front to uproarious applause from the students and I put a few questions to Mesut Bey as follows -

'Having been an Ankaragucu supporter for 23 years, why is it that at the end of almost every season there is a 'clear-out' and a new influx of players ? How can the players be expected to form a 'team bond' if they think that they will only be with the Club for one season ? Can we expect that present day successful team players like Sapara, Sestak, Rajnoch, Bednar, Fatih and Vittek will be retained next seasaon to continue the success which you (Mesut Bey) have brought since your arrival at the Club ?

As you would expect, the anseres were all positive and let's hope Mesut Bey can influence the Chairman and deliver !

I then mentioned our website/blog and gave a brief history of its formation and present activities. I also gave Ender Bey the Kanka Group Round Ball in Ankara Card and invited him to check out the site on a regualr basis.

They all thanked me for my interest and support of Ankaragucu and I retreated to my seat to thunderous applause from the students.

A very enjoyable experience for all concerned.

I'm very pleased to see Mesut Bey out-and-about around the Ankara schools. Great 'PR' which will hopefully 'bear fruit' in the long-term in addition to the short-term.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Excellent question Sir Eski. Ever thought of taking up journalism?

  2. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Eski Kanka said...Gimme a break cobber ..... I'm still trying to master being a teacher !!

    Thanks for the offer though !!

  3. I'm Jealous. On a different note, yet again I discover that our blog in not only entertaining but also educational. Just learned the word cobber.

  4. By the way, somehow the old nicknames have disappeared. I suggest that you go to your profile and change you display name back to what it used to be.

  5. well done Jim, good to see you are spreading the work about Ankaragucu and nice to see the club visiting your College.

    So you think we will keep our big players then?