Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ankaragucu Respond Too Late to 'Wake-Up Call' !

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Well, I was wrong on two counts. No end of season victoreeeeee to cheer and no carnival atmosphere. The atmosphere was all about protest chants from Gecikondu and Maraton towards management !

As for footie, you can't expect to give a THREE goal start to a team like Antalya and then play 'catch-up' !! A shocking first half display from the Ankaragucu players, and I have to single-out Vittek for a totally clueless performance. Notwithstanding his injury problems this season, I was expecting a lot more from him, but he has failed to deliver and I am expecting to see him 'off-loaded' in the summer. I also expect to see a few of our 'fragile' defenders off-loaded too.

Shipping 62 goals in 34 matches tells the sorry tale of a poor leaky defence. Relegated Konya only conceded 49 goals ! The question therefore arises ........ where would Ankaragucu have been this season without Sapara and Sestak ??!!

Perhaps one of the misplaced features of being an Ankaragucu supporter is that we are always full of expectation and look to the team to come out of 'the traps' like they usually do against the Istanbul teams. When they don't, and perform like they did yesterday in the first half, it is so bloody frustrating and we are left shaking our heads in anger. In fact we saw some of the Anti-X boys take action yesterday and leave the Stadium at half time !

Anyway, 'Oz Kanka Style Rant' over and back to the beginning .........

Only 3 of us kankas showed up yesterday, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Taffy Bach Kanka Richy and yours truly ........... and off we trudged through the sunshine and rain to the Stadium.

Ankaragucu 2 Antalyaspor 3

Team -

Ugur, Rajnoch, Aydin and Murat
Gabric, Adem, Kagan and Ozgur
Sestak and Vittek

Substitutes - Bednar, T. Dogan and Bilal

It only took Antalya 3 minutes to launch their first attack and when Tita was put through he outpaced Rajnoch and Co to pick his spot for an easy goal. That should have been a wake-up call but ........ it wasn't heeded. Antalya was moving the ball around and looking confident.

10 minutes later and with their second attack of the match Antalya was 2-0 up. A complete mix-up in the Ankaragucu defence gave Necati all the time in the world to pick his spot and tap in.

Antalya was playing some really impressive possession football and were in total control of the match with Ankaragucu banging their heads against brick walls. Most of the Ankaragucu corners were sent to the near post where they were dealt with easily by Antalya and the free kicks either went sailing over the bar or well past the post. Really pathetic to watch !

35 minutes gone and Bayram made a fantastic save to keep Ankaragucu in the match, but 5 minutes later he brought down Necati when he broke free of the defence and was about to shoot. Penalty ! Fair call by the referee and Necati despatched it with ease.

Half time and a comment from Damon ........ Antalya showed organisation and tenacity in their play. In other words ........ they had what their play deserved, ie, a 3 goal cushion !

Mesut Bey was obviously on the same wavelength as us. Off comes Vittek and Murat and on comes Bednar and Dogan, and what an immediate impact those two made.

The 2nd half was only 1 minute old when a free kick was awared on the left touchline. An inch perfect cross met by Rajnoch and it was game-on !

10 minutes later the 2nd goal arrived and what a fantastic piece of trickery from Dogan as he left 3 defenders in his wake, looked up, and crossed for Bednar to angle a header into the top right hand corner for a peach of a goal.

Richy's comment at this point ....... Roman Bednar - Game Changer !!

It was all Ankaragucu now with wave after wave of attacks coming in. Dogan, Sestak and Bednar all had chances, but the 3rd goal just wouldn't come.

With hand on heart a draw would have been a fair result, but it has to be said AGAIN that a footie match is 90 minutes plus and this is something which Mesut Bey will be working on for next season I'm sure.

Not an auspicious end to the season then. However, I'm sure Mesut Bey knows exactly what is necessary for next season and it is to be hoped that A. Gokcek will give him the wherewithal to bring in the players he needs and wants !!

On another subject, the league championship will be decided tonight and some of us will be in The Fat Cat on Tunali to support Sivas and Trabzon. KOs at 8pm.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Jim you may be shocked to hear this, but i agree with everything you said above lol, fantastic post.

    That first half performance was shocking, the three players singled out are Aydin who seems to be singled out every week for same reason, Murat who had been playing better, how can he not beat the first man with his cross ? and Vittek what a disgraceful attitude he has, let him go in the summer and keep Bednar.

    Second half was better but as you say 90 mins of concentration is the reason we have had another poor season.

    I can also reveal that Ankaragucu have already started building for next season with the signing of Murat Yildirm from Samsunspor, he is a very good midfielder and a good signing from what ive seend.

    Damon has also revealed we are signing Sakarayaspor player Berat Cetinkaya.

  2. Entertaining reading from Eski, but a couple of corrections. First off, Richie's comment I believe was more along the lines of "Roman Bednar, game changer--who would have imagined." Of course, Richy hadn't seen Bednar since Bednar's days with West Brom.

    Also Sestak got sent off after receiving two yellows. It happened late enough in the match that it didn't make that big a difference, but certainly worth mentioning.

    In anticipation of next season, I think it might also be worth noting that we have apparently picked up stopper Berat Çetinkaya from Sakaryaspor as well as midfielder Murat Yıldırım from Samsunspor.

  3. Just been reading that we have also apparently signed Goalkeeper Bekir from Bugasspor.

    also forgot to mention, the referee noticed every tug of the shirt and player pulling each other, but three times rajnoch or bednar were pulled in the box and no penalty given

  4. According to Ahmet Gökçek, Hürriyet, Tonia ve Weeks will all be returning to the club at the end of the season.

  5. Good news regarding Hurriyet as he is much stronger than Kagan. Tonia i havent seen but he did well at Mersin winning promotion. Weeks is also in with promotion as Rizespor take on Orduspor

  6. Some encouraging news about the signing of a stopper to play alongside Rajnoch.

    Also I'm pleased to hear that Hurriyet and Weeksie are returning. They have never let the side down and I was angry when Ozat off-loaded them.

    As for the Red Card (or 2nd yellow) which Sestak picked-up, it was too amusing to mention, and as Damon said, occurred in the closing minutes of the match.

    I have to confess to bursting out laughing when he was sent off. It was one of the best Rugby tackles I've ever seen and so comical to watch.

    I'm not sure if he fancies himself as a Rugby player or if he just lost his balance and tried to hang-onto the Antalya player, but ..... thanks for lightening up the atmosphere on a miserable day Sestak !!!

  7. And the best part was the spray of water as the two of them went down.

  8. "also forgot to mention, the referee noticed every tug of the shirt and player pulling each other, but three times rajnoch or bednar were pulled in the box and no penalty give"

    Bednar was fuming about this. He gave one hell of a statement to the press about there being a good reason why Turkish refs aren't more successful internationally, and Mesut supported him.