Friday, May 20, 2011

Round Ball in Ankara Ankaragucu Player of the Year Nominations !

Tomorrow see Ankaragucu play Antalyaspor at home in our last game of the season, its been another hard season with so many ups and downs. What we are looking to do is have our own Round Ball in Ankara player of the season for Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi if the Gencler Kankas want to join in as well.

We all have one vote each and whoever has the most votes will take the title. I can then do an article on the winner. Dont know how difficult it is going to be but Jim, Harun and Damon will look into see if there is a chance of us presenting the award to the winning player. I'm sure Oz Kanka will do the same. So get Voting Kankas with your comments.

My vote goes to Jan Rajnoch. It was close between him Adem and Sestak but i just think Rajnoch has been Mr Reliable and worked his socks off.


  1. Absolutely true Nadeem. Rajnoch has been as solid as a rock at the back and he gets my runners-up vote.

    My vote goes to ...... Murat Duruer ? nooooooooooooo.........

    It's a secret for now, but Nadeem knows !!!

  2. I'm going with Marek Sapara although Rajnoch would be my second choice.

  3. Anonymous10:16 pm

    think one of our eastern europeans will claim the award


  4. My vote has to go to a man who made a great tackle and then a great kick.... Umit Ozat!

    Report here from Battle Damaged

    Other then that, I'd have to go for Vittek.

  5. Did I say Vittek? Silly me, I meant Duruer.

  6. I knew it !!! and I also knew it would be Christopher Wade who made Duruer their choice.

    Punishment coming up ...... a bottom spanking ..... ermmmm .... no, on 2nd thoughts make that a slap on the wrist !!!

    Battle Damaged Kanka and I must be psychic ! We both chose the same 1st and 2nd !

  7. Anonymous12:10 pm

    oscar should definetely go to Rajnoch :)


  8. Have a look at my post (rant) on the match yesterday Onur and you will see most of my criticism is directed at the Ankaragucu defence.

    The basis of a reasonable defence is there when all the players are fit. Ugur and Guven as full backs and Rajnoch in the middle. However, we need one more reliable stopper alongside Rajnoch for next season.

    Playing Murat Duruer and Ozgur as full backs is just not on, and with the departure of Zewlakow, Rajnoch has been left exposed.

    Aydin and Kagan have been caught out time and again for their lack of pace and anticipation and I expect them to leave the club during the summer.

    Yes, Rajnoch has performed well under the circumstances, but I think we haven't seen the best of him yet. Hopefully he will still be with us next season with reliable defenders around him.