Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pray for Drago Gabric

Drago is fighting for his life in Hospital after he suffered a brain haemorrhage in a bad car crash. His condition is serious and doctors are working on him just now.

Lets just all pray to god that this young player fights through this tough time and our wishes are with him and his family.

Please fight through this Drago


  1. Anonymous1:12 am

    God help him !!! Torcida Split

  2. This is sad news and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

    He has been a key player for Ankaragucu this season and it is to be hoped that we will sign him on a permanent basis from Trabzon if he can get through this.

    Gecmis Olsen Drago !

  3. Reading online that the accident took place in Croatia, he was in his car with a friend , its believed the car lost control due to slippery roads and came through the fence into rocks.

    The doctors will give more info in the next 48 hours. Keep praying for him

  4. damon has just reported Drago Gabric is on the road to recovery, thank god for that

  5. Excellent news. More of that please !