Monday, May 23, 2011

Jan Rajnoch Ankaragucu Round Ball in Ankara Player of the Season !

Image taken from Czech Media

I'm Delighted to announce our winner of The Round Ball in Ankara Player of the Year as Jan Rajnoch. In what has to be only described as an Inglorious season as Sir Eski would put it, Rajnoch can hold his head high with his performances.

Roger Lemerre brought Rajnoch to Ankaragucu from Mlada Boleslav last season and he helped steer the club away from relegation. Last season he was used in different positions, right back, central defence, right midfield and central midfield. This season has saw him play at Centre Half in which he has looked more comfortable as the season has went on.

At the start of the new season Rajnoch put in some below par performances as he struggled to get to grips with the physical side of the game. To his credit though he showed great character and has been vital in the club staying clear of the relagation zone. Rajnoch has suffered due to not having a settled partner at the back with him. This season has saw him partner Muhammet Hanifi, Michael Zewlakow and Aydin Toscali. If it weren't for some of Rajnoch's performances at the back I would hate to see where we would have been this season.

Rajnoch has also become a bit of a cult hero with the Tribunes. Its difficult for any foreign player to move to another country, but if you respect the fans and make an effort then it becomes a lot easier. This is something Rajnoch has adapted to, he always recognises the fans and in various games we have saw him go and celebrate with the fans. The tribunes also recognise his 100% commitment to the club.

With the season having just ended it will be interesting to see who comes and who goes, hopefully Jan Rajnoch will be one of the players who stays at the club and helps us push for a European place.

Now we will see if Harun, Jim, Damon or Chris can use there contacts and present Jan with the award on behalf of the blog.

In other news, it has been said today that Ankaragucu will be building a new stadium in time for the 2013 season. It will be funded by the tax payers and looks pretty impressive from the designs. Genclerbirligi will also share the stadium.


  1. A fair choice for The Kankas Player of the Season, although he was my 2nd choice.

    As Nadeem said, I shudder to think what might have happened without the contribution of Rajnoch and Ugur this season. Unfortunately, they didn't have much support for the rest of the defence, the consequence being that Ankaragucu ended up with the 3rd worst defensive record in the league.

    I should also mention the contribution of Kaptan Marvel Marek Sapara and the goals from Sestak and Metin which kept our asses out of the relegation dog-fight.

    Damon, Harun and I will go into a huddle and try and work something out about presenting him with our award.

    Nadeem gave me the link to the photo of the proposed New Stadium from the Anti-X website. Have a looksee ..... pretty impressive, but I doubt the Gencler boys will like the colour scheme !!!!

  2. Already saw it. As I told Nadeem, I'll believe it when I sit in it.

    I also told Nadeem that I didn't think the opinion of those 39 people was too significant. :)

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  4. Ah, finally the blog has found a troll.

  5. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Shock horror !!! Aggression from (presumably ?) a Gencler supporter ! Whatever next me asks ??

    I don't think Mr Rajnoch deserves this verbal abuse Mr Anonymous. Perhaps you would be better off directing your ire towards the cheating players (no names !!) who play for the Istanbul teams ?

    I for one hope that Mr Rajnoch continues to have a successful football career and a long life !!!

    Eski Kanka Jim