Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ankaragucu vs Caykur Rizespor match preview !

Ankaragucu host Rize on Saturday afternoon at 2pm Turkish Time, 12 Pm UK Time. As usual all the talk of Ankaragucu this week has been about the going ons off field as opposed to on field. After a 1-1 draw at Boluspor last week Ankaragucu will be looking for that all important win to kick start their season in this battle against the drop.

This weeks opponents Caykur Rizespor are as tough as it gets in the PTT Lig, the front pair of Ousmane Jallow and Uche Kalu are the leagues strongest front line although it looks like Kalu is struggling to make the game through injury. After a fantastic start to the season Rize have went 5 games without a win, but still sit in 5th position in the league table.

Under Mustafa Kaplan Ankaragucu have drawn their 3 games in the PTT Lig, their have been signs of improvement but the team needs to start finishing teams off having took the lead in all of those game only to share the points. Mert Erdogan should return from suspension but the team will be without Orhan Evci and Serkan Sirin who have been demoted to the reserve team due to disciplinary problems.

Yet again Timur Ozgoz and Umit Kurt will have important roles to play in the team, Timur will need to take any chances that come his way and Umit will need to lead from the back. In the picture above Ankaragucu won 2-0 at home against Rize with one of Jim's favourite players Gustav Bebbe scoring both goals, lets hope for a similar result on Saturday.

Im not going to predict this one as it usually brings bad luck, lets get to the stadium and get behind the players and roar them onto victory.


  1. Ahemm Ahemm Nadeem. Are you sure this is Bebe ? I met this gentleman (and he really is a gentleman) and it doesn't look like him. Please re-check and confirm.

    As I said before, unfortunately I will be absent from this upcoming match due to school business. However, I hope to meet Battle Damaged Kanka Damon after the match when I'll be freed-up.

    As you said Nadeem, it won't be easy, but as Ankaragucu fanatics ...... we always live in hope. Therefore, I am gearing myself up to celebrate a victoreeee with Damon !!!

  2. no no no jim lol, i dont mean the picture is Bebbe, i mean he scored the two goals in the above match. The player above is Da Silva im sure.

    lets hope for the victory

  3. Oooooops sorry for misunderstanding Nadeem.

    btw, Damon's report on yesterday's match should be up soon. I met up with him after the match in The Chopin and it was all smiles and laughter. A great performance and Damon was full of praise for Umit, Timur and the whole team.