Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ankaragucu 1-4 Adana Demirspor

Team - Bayram, Aytac, Volkan, Gurkan, Mehmet, Gokhan, Serkan, Bilal, Kaan, Timur, Enes

Subs - Gokhan, Emre, Hasan, Teoman, Mert, Umut, Metin

This report will be very short I'm afraid after Ankaragucu were blown away at home to Adana Demirspor. It was the usual story with Ankaragucu unable to take their chances whilst Adana would go on and use their experience to kill off the challenge from the young Ankaragucu side.

It was only 1 minute into the game when Enes was put through on goal by Timur, all he had to do was put the ball past the goalkeeper but instead miss hit his shot which went high and wide. Ankaragucu were the better team for 44 minutes, until Adana scored through Junior on the stroke of half time.

Into the second half two goals from Luiz Eduardo and one from Sinan Ozkan put Adana 4-0 up, the Ankaragucu players looked demoralised but continued to search for a consolation goal. That goal came on the 90th minute from a well taken Timur Ozgoz goal.

Ankaragucu now go into a three game spell where they take on the three teams above them. 9 Points is required or Ankaragucu will be playing Lig 2 football.

In other news it was confirmed by Klasspor today that the new stadium of Ankara will be built on Eskisehir road. It will hold 40k people and despite pleas from Mehmet Yiginir and Ilhan Cavcav to keep the stadium at the 19 Mayis, sports minister Suat Kilic has confirmed Eskisehir Road will be the new home of Ankaragucu and Gencler.


  1. Was it the Death Knell I heard when I was at school today, or was it a practice ring for the school bell ??!!

    Speaking personally, I am now resigned to awaiting our fate and kissing goodbye to seeing Ankaragucu on television for a year .... or two ! At least we will follow them live at home matches ..... if Gecikondu doesn't do any more naughties !

    Hmmm .... the Eskisehir Road is one 'elluva long road. Where exactly is the planned site. Temeli or Polatli ??!!

  2. Not sure jim but they said there will be metro links that will take fans straight to the stadium

  3. The Metro extension has been trying to get out of Kizilay for many years now. Tunnels have been bored and stations identified, but it is still in Kizilay !!

    It will 'eventually' reach as far as Umitkoy which is about 25 Klicks away from the city centre, but when they are going to lay track and cables remains an unknown at the moment.

    On the other loop, it will be extended from Batikent to Eryaman, and ....... 'eventually eventually' it is the plan to join the Eryaman link to Umitkoy to make the Metro Line a Circle Line.

    This is the plan !!!

    However, when it all comes about is anyone's guess, so if the Stadium is built before the Metro is operating along the Eskisehir Road then it will be a nightmare for fans to get there. That road is 'heaving' at the weekends with Shopping Malls dotted all the way down to Umitkoy !

    I wonder if this is a good plan or ..... a pipe dream ??!!

  4. Surely with building a new stadium all this will be taken into consideration , you cant have a multi million pound stadium which is impossible to get to. A new modern stadium sounds nice but we also need a team on the pitch that is fit enought to play at it