Thursday, March 16, 2006

The future looks grim - for Scotland at least

I noticed that Eski Kanka Jim has yet to report on yet another nail in the coffin for Scottish football.

Not only is the senior team not doing well but the future isn't looking too bright either after Scotland Future lost to Turkey Future 2-3. I think the future bit refers to this being some sort of under 12s tournament.

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  1. Please see my comments under the `MORE FOOTBALL PLANS` story.

    However, as for the future, I see lots of reasons to be optimistic. The main Scottish football clubs all have very successful youth teams for various age groups and they have been in place now for a number of years. We also have to remember that Scotland is a country with a population of only about 5 million and when you consider what Scotland has contributed to world footie over the years I think we can hold our heads high. As an example of a successful youth policy one need only study the success of Hibernian's youth policy and a study of the Hibs senior squad today proves how successful it has been. The present Scottish striker Kenny Miller (now with Wolves) was also a product of the Hibs youth policy. So, I will remain upbeat about Scotland's future in world footie, but with my feet firmly on the ground and my expectation level of success at a sensible level of achievement. The gift of optimism was a gift from God himself, but only given to Scotsmen !!!
    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim