Friday, March 31, 2006

What the hell are the Scots thinking?

Ever since I met Eski Kanka Jim I've become interested in all sorts of Scottish things. I didn't really ever think that I might become even remotely interested in how Hibernian are going in the Scottish Cup but I've now come to the point where I actually read Hibbee Kanka's reports, rather than just deleting them immediately from my message inbox.

That was a long-winded way to introduce one of the weirder stories coming out of Scotland at the moment. Here's some stuff from the Scotsman.

MORE than two-thirds of Scots will be cheering for the England team during this summer's World Cup finals, according to a survey for the BBC - a statistic described by a leading member of the tartan army as "astonishing".

The ICM survey found that an average of 67 per cent wanted the Auld Enemy to win the cup.

The precise percentage varied marginally according to who England played in the final. It rose to 69 per cent if Sven-Goran Eriksson's side were to end up playing Germany, and fell slightly in the event of England meeting Brazil.

I have to admit that in the olden days when Australia was lucky if FIFA even allowed them a chance of getting to the World Cup, most of my mates would support England, but I thought the Scots were different.

So Scottish Kankas, where do you stand in this great debate?


  1. Greetings Kankas and I will be first into this debate. Firstly, I have to comment on the source of Oz Kanka's statistics.. the Scotsman ! It is a well known fact that the Scotsman is an Edinburgh newspaper (and I may add, one which I read when I am in Scotland because it carries more info on Hibs than the Glasgow tabloids). For the uninitiated, the major Glasgow tabloid which most Scotsmen read is the Daily Record (commonly referred to as the `Daily Retard` by yours truly !!!). So, any survey taked by The Scotsman cannot in all seriousness be taken as truly representative of the Scottish footie establishment. I will give a recent example of the Scottish dislike of the Ingallish footie team and all things Ingallish... A few years ago when Turkey were playing Ingallind in the Nations Cup or The World Cup (whatever) it was not shown on Scottish TV for some reason. Undeterred by this, a crowd of about 2,000 Jocks decended on Newcastle to watch it on Ingallish TV and they were all decked out in RED....... yes, they were all supporting Turkey and God bless them all for being true Scotsmen and supporting a great country !!!

    I challenge any `neutral` journalist to go into Glasgow (the hotbed of Scottish footie) and ask the questions posed by The Scotsman and we will without doubt see a different result !

    As for yours truly, I am not one of those blinkered Jocks who hate ALL Ingallish teams (some might say I'm a hyprocrite in view of my anti-Istanbul rants !!!) but, this is political and historical and I think we have to keep an open mind about this subject and remember that the United Kingdom is still a small country and we should be looking forward, and not backwards. Eski Kanka's idiom for today is.......

    Coming to the bottom line now, and yes, I will support Arsenal while they are still in the Champions League, and..... yes... I will also support Ingallind in Germany. However, I will only support Ingallind IF and AFTER the Aussies have been eliminated !!!!!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. I will be supporting 31 teams in the world cup finals, sorry Ingallind