Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tales from Tripoli

Dear Kankas,
Another great football story, this time from Murat, our Kanka in Tripoli, Libya, where the official ban on alcohol obviously results in home brews being a litlle bit to high on the alcohol strength side.

Murat takes over:

The story starts on monday night at the team's darts practice(most of the time it is a brewing competition, you do everything except darts)

here are few notes

Houston: the buddy, Chelsea fan but for sure not a die hard one.

CLT: Central Libyan Time

Monday Practice CLT 2130 hrs
Houston; “ I would give my left leg to be able to see Chelsea vs Barcelona but its not on any channel.”
Murat: “I’ll find it, I have so many channels it will be on one of them.”
Houston: “You sure?”
Murat: “Yep.”
Houston: “I’ll be there half eight with a sample of my new brew.”

Tuesday CLT 1415 hrs
Telephone call:
Houston: “Hi Kevan, you watchin’ the match tonight?”
Kevan: “Nah its not on. Even Bill Mcristy rang us but he cant find it on any channel.”
Houston: “Come and watch it at Murats he’s got so many channels it’ll be on one of them (he thinks)”
Kevan: “Nah kick off is too late to travel back like.”

Tuesday CLT 2030 hrs
Houston and Murat pre-match preparation: pasta and tomato yogurt sauce a few scoops and watching ‘Madagascar’ I like to move it- move it, I like to move it-move it, we like to move it-move it great pre-match warm up COME ON CHELSEA.

Tuesday CLT 2145 hrs
Not only does Murat find the match BUT he only has BARCA TV – commentary in Spanish – but what the hey – this is the biggest match of the season. COME ON CHELSEA. (Why are Barca (at home) wearing their ‘away’ kit?) I like to move it- move it, I like to move it-move it

Tuesday CLT 2206 hrs
Lampard free kick, edge of Barca box struck so hard the goalie knock its in Chelsea one nil up COME ON CHELSEA.

Tuesday CLT 2212 hrs
Messi makes a drama out of a Del Horno tackle and Del Horno is shown a straight red (again) – unbelievable – a complete repeat of the first game – Chelsea down to 10 men (again) COME ON CHELSEA.

Half time – Chelsea one nil up – down to 10 men but only need to score one more to level the match on aggregate.

A breathless second half see’s Barca equalize and then finally go 2-1 up in a complete repeat of the fist leg. What a match.

Wednesday – all day – Houston emailing friends and family bragging he saw the match live on Barca TV and how unbelievable that Del Horno got sent off again etc. upon reading Yahoo sport decided that the Reuters reporter who was reporting a last minute penalty equalizer from Lampard must have been drunk or watching a different match. I like to move it- move it, I like to move it-move it

Let the record show – that the Reuters reporter was watching a different match. He was watching the second leg. I will say no more and will spend today trying to explain to family and friends …….


  1. I like it, I like it !! I especially liked singing along as I was reading........... I like to move it move it, yeah, real cool man !! Let's have more drunken stories from Murat the Desert Kanka out there somewhere in the Sahara Desert !!!
    Some historial information about Desert Kanka....he was one of the original Ankaragucu Kankas way back at the formation of the Kanka Club in 1999 and his fame is still remembered with fondness by all the regulars in the Gecekondu end of the Stadium for his loud deep baritone voice when we were singing Ankaragucu songs. By the way, in these days we used to win a lot and therefore there were more reasons to be cheerful !!! We await the day of his return to these shores with impatience when his voice will once again resonate around the 19 Mayis Stadium !!!
    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Steve,
    Didn't you notice the lack of celebrations from the Georgian fans after "they" scored the goal. After all, you were sitting in the Georgian fans section if I remember rightly.