Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Three blind mice

There is nothing better than reading completely biased reports of matches and more and more I'm starting to enjoy the Turkish Daily News football reports.

The sports editor Udo (an old friend by the way) has been a Galatasaray supporter for about 30 years now and the tense run in to the end of the season (with Galatasaray and Fenerbahce on equal points at the top of the table is obviously starting to get to him.

Udo was in top form today in this article on the Galatasaray - Erciyesspor match played on Sunday.

Some snippets:

I try to write good things about Turkish soccer because as Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül told reporters at the Turkish Daily News' 45th anniversary reception, the TDN readers are very important personalities. "It takes 2,000 readers of other newspapers to equal one Turkish Daily News reader," the foreign minister said.

With counting like that I'm glad to announce that this blog had more than 40,000 people on Sunday catching up with the Genclerbirligi and Ankaragucu reports

Back to Udo:

However, I cannot do the ostrich thing of shoving my head into the sand, and I feel I'm hiding after the terrible and horrible refereeing by Zafer Onder Ipek on Sunday night.

Udo then goes on to describe the obvious handball by an Eciyes defender on the line that saved a goal when the scores were 2-2. The ref didn't give it.

Let us assume (the ref) could not (see it). He had two assistants, Metin Kitmir and Ayhan Akgoz. And if the three of them combined could not still see this position, it reminds us of the lyrics from our good old kindergarten days:

Udo then prints out the words to "Three Blind Mice".

Great stuff Udo. Now all the TDN needs to do to become a truly great paper is print a link to us for all of those who wouldn't mind some Ankara football reporting.

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