Friday, March 31, 2006


Greetings Kankas. Just to deviate from Ankara footie for a moment - well....... Oz Kanka did introduce the subject of Jock footie !!!

The semi finals of the Scottish Cup are being played this weekend. Tomorrow, Gretna from the 2nd Division (God bless them for reaching this pinacle in their history) is playing Dundee FC of the 1st Division. However, the BIG ONE is on Sunday KO 12.15pm when the Mighty HIBERNIAN play Edinburgh's 2nd team, Hearts. There is an historical note about this match. It is the first time EVER that Hibs have played Hearts at the National Stadium Hampden in Glasgow. It is also the first time that the teams have met at this stage in the competition for about 100 years. So, Glasgow will be invaded and taken over by Edinburgh on Sunday which will see Hampden filled to capacity - I think it is about 70,000. I understand that the match is going to be beamed live throughout the world in selected countries, but unfortunately, not here !! I heard a snipit from Edinburgh that it is going to be shown live in New York City Grand Central Station !! Now that really is recognition !!! As a loyal and devoted Hibs fan since the age of 5, or was it 6, my memory fails me, I am not going to tell you the last time Hibs won the Scottish Cup, suffice to say that it was a long time ago !!! This will be a true test of cup footie and ............ winner take all !!

Let's wait now for Hibbie Kanka Athole's report from Edinburgh on Sunday night if he is sober....... or on Monday if he has recovered, or Tuesday if he hasn't !!!

GLORY TO THE GREAT HIBEES. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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