Friday, March 24, 2006

Genclerbirligi to join the G14

As reported everywhere (except here) the G14 group of Europe's biggest clubs are thinking of starting up their own competition. It seems that the group (which actually consists of 18 clubs, not 14???) want to guarantee themselves European competition so they can make their long-term business plans and keep the rest of us down.

All good lovers of football will be pleased to hear that UEFA have finally made a rational statement condemning all such moves.

"We will leave the door open for clubs from smaller nations to play at the top level of European club football," UEFA said in a statement on Thursday.

UEFA are now out to win the hearts and minds of football supporters and will fight to defend "historic" values.

Well, they have already won this football supporter's heart and mind, at least until Genclerbirligi are invited to join the G14.

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  1. Ankaragucu might be ready for Champions League footie NEXT season, and then we might consider joining the G Club !!!