Thursday, March 30, 2006

Not the happiest of pictures

Eski Kanka Jim has sobered up but his computer hasn't so he has asked me to post this.

Greetings Kankas. Where do I start ? Well, let's start at about 2or 3 minutes to go before half time and with both teams playing attacking footie and Ankaragucu looking good, Eski Kanka had to open his big mouth with one of his earth shattering comments. When will Eski Kanka learn to engage brain before opening his big trap !!! Eski Kanka turns to Oz Kanka (having consumed about 3 or 4 large EFES at this point) and said.... `I think we should shore-up the defence for the last few minutes and go in at 0-0 for a half-time tactics talk, because this is a dangerous time in a match for goals to be scored`. I think Oz Kanka nodded his head in agreement but due to the alcoholic intake, I can't be quite sure !! Anyway, no sooner had I said it than Galata....spit...saray broke out of defence at speed, the ball was cut back by Hasan Sas at the goal line, and there was Hakan Suker to steer it into the net. There was a stunned silence and dirty looks from Oz Kanka. OK, so I promise I am going to keep my statistical comments to myself until after the match in future !

So, as I was saying, Ankaragucu played good footie in the 1st half and were spreading the ball around and giving as good as they got. We also had 3 reasonable efforts on goal which might have gone in another day. Into the 2nd half then, and it was a different story. Ankaragucu spent most of the time chasing the game and panic defending. Lots of long balls hoofed up the field hoping to find Umut. All credit to Umut who, as usual, covered every blade of grass on the field and never stopped trying. However, the coach really needs to find a partner for him up front, and soon ! Another excellent goal arrived at speed in the 65th minute courtesay of Cihan and, game over. No complaints. They were the better team on the night and proved again that Ankaragucu are not as fit or fast as the Big 2 from Istanbul. I hope Hikmet Bey the coach reads this blog and takes note !!! Oh I almost forgot, there was further excitement about 5 minutes before the final whistle when the door of the Knight and Flight flew open and in came about 12 Robo Cops (also known as Dolphin/Yunus Cops !!). I've never seen so many in one place at one time - they normally ride around in twos on motor bikes. We were all frisked and all IDs were checked (except mine because Oz Kanka said that I looked like an upstanding and honest young man !!!). Oz Kanka had to show his probably because he looks like a hippy from the swingin 60s !!!!! When they left we gave a cheer and that was the only cheer I gave in the whole 2nd half of the match !!!

As for the remainder of the season, Mr Optimistic remains optimistic and I have no doubt that the Big R word will not be an issue. The main thing is that Ankaragucu are trying to play footie and they still have the passion during the match, even if they do tend to slow down a wee bit in the 2nd half. We are not going to hit the panic button......... well........not yet anyway !!!

You will have seen the emails flying around concerning the matches on Saturday. Hope we can all get together and have something to cheer about........... and I don't mean the EFES either !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. I would just like to point out that the Dolphin police did not ask for my ID. I obviously also look like an upstanding member of the community and not some sort of 60s hippy.

    I did find it strange though that we all got frisked. Was it for knives? They didn't seem to mind that we were all carrying darts, an instrument which in the wrong hands could do quite a bit of damage.

  2. OK .........well..... I exaggerated the exciting bit of our evening out just a wee bit, but......... IF I was a Robo Cop I would definitely frisk and check Oz Kanka's ID !!!!

    All the best from fine upstanding pillar of the community Eski Kanka Jim