Sunday, March 26, 2006

Joy comes in twos

Dear Kankas,
Eski Kanka Jim is having yet more hassles:

I have to ask you to do the honours again. I can't get
The PC tells me every time that I've performed an illegal action, so perhaps it's time to think about updating my system and go 2006 !!!

Wait until my little dragon graduates in June and I'll be ready !!!

Greetings Kankas. A good weekend in Ankara.

Let's begin at the bottom and move to the top !! Ankaragucu won
today 2-1 against Ankaraspor and so moved 3 points further away from
the DZ. They are now on the magic 30 points mark and with Besiktas
coming to visit next weekend that could be increased !!

Mr Optimistic is mega optimistic today !!!! I have no details of the
match because I was working until 7.30pm, but I will give scorers and
any other scant info in the comments block when I have it. Or,
perhaps Oz Kanka can do that tomorra after he has found a newspaper
which speaks `Ankara Speak` !!!!

Or is that asking too much ??? (Yes it asking too much, says Oz Kanka)

Good news at the top too. Besiktas lost on Friday and Erciyes beat
Trabzon today which moves Gencler closer to the UEFA Cup slot.

Watch this space for next weekend's fixture dates and KO times.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Greetings again Kankas. Further to main report, the Ankaragucu scorers were Petkov early in the match and Balic after 20 mins. Ankaraspor scored just before half time and the 2nd half must have been a mid-field stalemate, but no further details I'm afraid. Every point is now crucial, so I suppose the entertainment aspect has been put to one side for the moment ??!!

    Upcoming matches, and I forgot about the postponed matches earlier in the season which are being played in mid-week this week.
    Gencler V Ankaraspor on Wednesday KO 2.30pm
    Galata....spit...saray V Ankaragucu also Wed KO 8pm.
    The GS V AG match will probably be on Digiturk, so I might go and watch it in the Knight and Flight. Anyone interested ?

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Kilcaldy Kanka,
    Welcome to the blog. You have definately found the right place because yes we do go to the matches. Eski Kanka Jim Chalmers is the true Ankaragucu fanatic, while I'm a Gencler fan but I also hold an Ankaragucu season ticket. If you could post your e-mail here (don't forget to use AT instead of @ so the spammers don't get the address) we can keep you informed of when we are going, where in Kizilay we are meeting up for pre-match drinks etc etc.

    In the meantime, Are you up for watching the Wednesday Galatasaray-Ankaragucu match at the Knight and Flight?
    Looking forward to meeting you,
    Oz Kanka Chris

  3. Aye, and welcome Kirkcaldy Kanka from me too. I was beginning to despair of finding any more Ankaragucu supporters - our Kanka Klub is a wee bit top heavy with Gencler fans at the moment !!
    On a personal note, my father was born in Crossgates not far from your hame toon and he supported East Fife all his life. A very brave man eh ??!! My claim to fame is that I have been in Starks Park, the home of The Rovers on one occasion when they played The Mighty Hibees (not telling which league we were in then !!!).
    Hope you can manage on Wednesday night for the `Big Match`.
    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Anonymous9:51 pm


    I'm a Turkish footie fan based in London, I just found your site today, its very enjoyable.

    Well it's very easy to observe the Istanbul sides and Trabzon from a distance (I have no grasp of Turkish) but a bit harder to understand the relationship and dynamics of the Ankara three.

    I understand that all three share the same 19 Mayis stadium but how are the levels of support for the three?

    As I understand it Gucu have the biggest and most passionate and aggressive support, Gencler have much less and Ankaraspor hardly any?

    Is that right? I notice that you have an amusing disregard for Ankaraspor, could you explain a bit of the background to this?

    How does all this reflect itself this week for Gencler-Ankaraspor? Would Gencler have the vast majority support?

    Hope you don't mind all the questions, I'm just fascinated to find an english language blog on Ankara footie!

  5. Dear Brendon, your questions hit all the nails right on the head. Perhaps it is time to launch into a full on attack on to why we hate Ankaraspor. I'll also try to answer your other questions as well. In the meantime, thanks for checking us out and thanks for supporting Ankara footie. At the moment though, I'm completely pissed thanks to the British embassy (god bless em). Don't expect anything intelligible from me until tomorrow

  6. Hi from me Brendan, and as Oz Kanka said.... welcome to our Ankara footie site. With a name like yours I would have to guess that you are Irish. If so, you are doubly welcome. If you are Ingallish.... then .... no offence I hope !!!
    I will let Oz Kanka answer your questions after he has sobered up, but you should know that I don't share his dislike of Ankaraspor. On the contrary, I hope they don't take the `big drop` because it is good to have 3 Ankara teams in the Super League which means we have 6 local derbies in a season. Good for Ankara and good for footie !
    All the best for now from Eski Kanka Jim

  7. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Thanks chaps for your friendly response and I look forward to your views.

    Its true Jim I have Irish roots. I was born and brought up in Luton to Irish parents. This makes me a 'plastic' like most of my friends.

    At international level I would class myself as an Ireland fan, also I would have to confess to being anti England in the football sense! Can't stand the hype and nonsense that surrounds them.

    Anyway i intend to become a regular visitor to this blog to check up on the match reports and the general banter.

    Once again thanks for your responses.


  8. I'm looking forward to meeting Harun Bey - perhaps he can volunteer to be my bodyguard when I am swearing at opposition supporters ??? I would also like to get hold of some of his Ankaragucu gear, especially the Anti-Istanbul shirts !!!
    Look forward to meeting you and your band of merry men Kircaldy Kanka.
    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim