Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ankaragucu runs riot, in one sense at least

This will be short as clearly I was not in Kayseri today, instead being at the Genclerbirligi match (more on that in a post soonish), but I did check out the reports. So here is my little summary.

Before I forget, Eski Kanka Jim wasn't able to make it to today's Gencler match because apparently he was at the airport picking up his daughter. How pathetic. First of all the daughter should have arranged to arrive on a non-match day (I particularly like people showing up during a particularly busy work week) and secondly Jim should have told here to get on the Havas bus service, get off at the terminal (which is right next to the 19 Mayis Stadium) and get her to come to the match. I despair of the Eski Kankas sometimes.

Back to the Anatolian news agency report. And for those who don't understand just how little reporting is done for teams outside the big three, let me even do it in their style.

6. Mehmet (you actually have to be in the know to know which team he plays for but I'll make it simpler by saying he plays for Kayseri) sends the ball in from the midfield, finds Ilhan, could not find a good position.

11. Mehmet sends it in from the right, in a good position Ilhan heads it and keeper Orkun saves.

13. Belal brings it forward. Ivanov and Fatih can't come to a decision and Umut scores with a header: 0-1

Ahhhh, I can't be bothered continuing like this. I'll sum up the rest of the first half by saying Ankaragucu had more than a few chances on goal while Kayseri seemed to have nothing much (except for one shot which came off the post).

One-nil at halftime and I was happy (I was in the Chopin about to go off to watch the Gencler match).

Second half and not many shots on goal it seems until the 79th minute. From a free kick the ball comes off the Ankaragucu defence. Fatih gives it a go, Orkun saves it but then Gokhan heads in the rebound. 1-1.

It was that at this stage the Ankaragucu fans went mad. They ripped up seats throwing them at the Kayserispor fans. As always happens in these sorts of things not all of the seats actually make it over the dividing fence and one Ankaragucu fan had to be hospitalised. The ref called a break and all the Ankaragucu fans were kicked out of the stadium. Expect big fines soon (and possibly a stadium closure).

All of this reminds me, I must remember to get down to Maniac Kanka Harun's shop, Esse Spor (Menekse Sk, Balkanoglu Carsisi No. 7/32), to check out all the cool Ankaragucu-Genclerbirligi merchandise on sale.

With all the Ankaragucu fans gone (and no doubt the police already had them on their buses for the return trip to Ankara) with what appears to have been an Umut all on his own goal.

Game finished. Ankaragucu won it 2-1.

The scene at the bottom of the table sees Ankaragucu 7 points ahead of third last Diyarbakirspor. I reckon it is enough to stave off the drop.


  1. Firstly, congratulations to Ankaragucu and particulary our `Lone Ranger` Umut on an impressive victory away to high flying Kayseri. The finger is off the panic button for the moment, and like Oz Kanka, I believe Ankaragucu have now turned the corner and the players can sleep a little easier at nights. Yes, I know, it's not over till it's over, but all the signs are encouraging. Ankaragucu play Konya at home next Sunday and this is another of those matches which points to another Ankaragucu win. Mr Optimistic is at it again !!!

    Secondly, I remember Kirkcaldy Kanka mentioning last weekend that he intended to go to Kayseri, and if he did, then it will be interesting to hear his version of the seat throwing incidents. As for punishment, the perpetrators should be punished by the Police and Courts. Punishing all the Ankaragucu supporters who were a hundred miles away in Ankara would just not be fair !! Did I actually say that, and.... more importantly, do I actually believe it ???!!!

    Finally, I have to hang my head in shame concerning my lack of loyalty to Gencler. When Oz Kanka phoned me to join him for celebration drinks I was actually at Esenboga, and he is right of course. What father in his right mind puts his children before the loyalty for his footie team ???!!! Trussssst me, it will not happen again !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. On the subject of off-the-pitch violence, this made me laugh.

    (This is lifted almost directly from ...,,1746558,00.html ) Sorry.

    ...Our favourite tale involves the late Chic Brodie, a Knowledge favourite (who was once knocked out by a falling crossbar before his career was ended by a canine pitch intruder who shattered his kneecap). Brodie was playing for Brentford against Millwall on November 6, 1965 when - of all things - a hand grenade was thrown at him from the Lions' end. Did he panic? No, he did not. He simply waved one arm, then more urgently two, towards his nearest official, a linesman. After a brief exchange, the linesman walked towards the hand grenade and, from about eight feet away, confirmed it was bona fide. The linesman then ran toward the other end of the pitch waving his flag furiously. Startled players made a gangway for him. Catching the referee by the arm, there is no record of what he said, but it's a fair guess to say it was along the lines of: 'I'm sorry, Mr Kirkpatrick, but the Millwall supporters have thrown a hand grenade at the Brentford goalkeeper. What's the form on this?' Mr Kirkpatrick - a man of action - hastily blew his whistle and led a charge towards the tunnel."

    Well ... it made me laugh.

    Apologies to "The Knowledge" section of [English Newspaper]"The Guardian" football news website.

  3. Great story Finlandia Kanka. And don't apologise for lifting it straight from the Guardian. We do that sort of stuff all the time. You acknowledged where you knicked it from and therefore you are completely in the clear.