Friday, April 28, 2006

Lanky Kanka's weekend plans

During the week Lanky Kanka Jorg sent out an e-mail asking if anyone planned on going up to Samsun this weekend for the Genclerbirligi match. I was tempted but then remembered that I actually have to work on Saturday. Oh well.

I then sent an e-mail off to Lanky Kanka asking for a match report when he got back. A day or so later Lanky Kanka said he was no longer going as and I quote:

The usually "well informed" persons around Gencler expect a very, very tough game and a very fanatic atmosphere. They suggested that we should not go. Even the Gencler players are afraid.

Hmmm. Sure the players might be afraid but Lanky Kanka? For those who have not met our tallest Kanka all I can say is that it would be a very brave or very stupid Samsunspor supporter who would take him on.

But Lanky Kanka has wimped out and instead decided to go and sit with the bigwigs in the Protokol section for Saturday's Ankaragucu match. No real chance of violence at that one thanks to fact that fans (as opposed to people with connections like Lanky Kanka) have been banned from the match.

So at least we will actually get a report of some sort but unfortunately Lanky Kanka says he can't do it until Tuesday, as the German embassy is closed on May 1. So I'll cobble something together over the weekend and then I'll post Lanky Kankas report on Tuesday.

Photocaption: A taste of the amazing atmosphere which Lanky Kanka can expect on Saturday evening

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  1. Ooooo........ loved the photo of the Ankaragucu Stadium (oooops, and Gencler !!!).

    Look forward to some good news from Ankara this weekend to settle the `Big R` nerves, and also good news from Samsun to bring much needed Yooro footie closer to Ankara next season.

    Haven't met Lankie Kanka yet, so, mustering all my diplomasy, I am not going to call him a `whimp` for not travelling thousands of Kilometres to Samsun to witness the Battle of Samsun !!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim