Saturday, April 22, 2006

My neighbour should be shot

Rant time: The Fenerbahce - Galatasaray derby finished a few minutes ago and Gulay's lot got beaten up well and good - 4-0. That's not the rant. The rant is aimed at a neighbour of mine who started firing off shots when Fenerbahce went ahead three-nil at some stage of the second half.

I wasn't watching the telly at the time as I was reading a book to Little Oz Kanka trying to get him off to sleep (no, it wasn't the Genclerbirligi monthly magazine but "The Cat in the Hat". Little Oz Kanka was almost asleep when the bastard next door decided to fire off his gun. That set me back a bit and as the match finished he fired off a few more rounds. Arsehole!

This is Turkey and I know some Ankara people are going to support an Istanbul team. I know that people are passionate and I have no hassles with the people who are driving around at the moment blaring their horns in celebration (we are lucky enough to live far enough away from the main road that Little Oz Kanka is still asleep).

The sound of the gunshots may be annoying but for God's sake it is bloody dangerous. When I first came to Turkey there were almost always reports of kids standing on balconies being shot by celebrating fans too stupid to aim properly.

I don't know exactly which neighbour of mine it was who was firing his gun (somehow I'm pretty sure it is a "he" and not a "she") but whoever it was is bloody lucky. I reckon he could well have been the first person to make me break the vow that my old man drummed into me as a kid. "Never grass!"



    I will volunteer to put this problem to bed.... and perhaps give Oz Kanka's neighbour an early retirement from planet earth !! I still have my father-in-law's Korean War pistol (which is still in working order I may add). It may be an ancient pistol but I am a wee bit qualified in those matters to know that IT IS !! I also have about 50 rounds of ammunition, so if I miss early on, then I will surely get 'im eventually !!

    Having personal weapons at home is common here, and just like the good 'ol Yoo Ess ov Ai we have to match fire with fire !!!

    Mmmmmm.... now if that doesn't cause a discussion (or arguement) then nothing will !!!

    All the best from `Straight Shooter` Eski Kanka Jim

    PS.... I like happy endings, and at least Baby Oz Kanka did manage to get to sleep in the end !!!

  2. Oh God, what have I started?

    By the way Little Oz Kanka is now two years of age and would probably object to your calling him a baby.

  3. I feel your pain, man. Here in our corner of the world, we have something called "long pipes" which are a mod many Americans install onto their prized Harley Davidson motorcycles. Instead of "vroom-vroom" you hear a much louder "rat-tat-tat-tat-tat". There's a slight dip in the road where our home's positioned, so it's also necessary for these a-holes to gun the throttle a bit as they pass us. Little Reis sleeps like a soldier to begin with, and this un-Godly noise has awakened him an untold number of times.

  4. Hey you poor sleepless daddies, my offer still stands. If anyone needs a `hit man` then just let me know !!!

    All the best from Dangerous Eski Kanka Jim

  5. As this person is obvioulsy brain dead anyway as it supports the Fucking Bastards go ahead and waste them or grass on them.

  6. I'm beginning to like Gulay and her expressive turn of phrase !! It is not often that I take a liking to Galata...spit...saray, supporters but I'm willing to make an exception in this case !!!

    When (or if !!) I receive another invite to Oz Kanka's apartment block, I'll bring my Korean War pistol and check it out and check him out !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka `Hit Man` Jim

  7. As I've said before, it is a shame Gulay is a Galatasaray supporter. I reckon she would fit in perfectly with us Kankas if she supported an Ankara team.

  8. Unlike a lot of Turks I support my home team, I was born in Isanbul and have been CimBom as long as I can remember,and even the times I cant remember!!!!! If I happened to live/visit Ankara, unlikely I will certainly join you in Chopin for a beer/raki/sarap and a Winston but never ask me to change my team! Maybe being in an Ingallish speaking relationship is affecting me, after all my husband is a Manc!!!!!However I reserve my contempt for you know who and hope GS inflict more misery on your unloved neighbours this weekend!!