Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A million reasons to be happy

An update on the farce that has been Deniz Baris playing status this season. On Tuesday Fenerbahce paid Genclerbirligi 1 million euros and as such Baris will be allowed to play in the weekend crunch derby against Galatasaray.

To recap, Baris was a long-term Gencler player but came off contract last year. Gencler signed him up again but then Baris went off and signed with Fenerbahce. A Turkish Football Federation appeals court type thing last week suspended Baris' player licence and so the fullback was unable to play in last week's loss to Manissa.

After dragging its feet all year Fener finally decided to payup today, even though it was actually Baris and not the club that was at fault.

Cheers guys, perhaps a small part of that 1 million euros could be used to sponsor this blog?

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