Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Greetings Kankas and here is a post from Pompey Kanka Darren at last. It seems to me that he needs a packet of the optimism pills which I use every weekend !!! Look forward to more posts Daz !!! All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Thanks for your kind comments on the performance of Pompey, Jim. I’m sure it’s been said before, but we’re too good to go down! If anyone watching who wasn’t aware of the positions of the two teams, you’d have to think it was Pompey challenging for an end-of-season Champions League spot and not Blackburn. However, thanks to our mad Chairman and his last summer and early season decisions, we are, as you quite rightly pointed out, in the ‘soapy bubble’!

Never fear though, our destiny is still in our own hands, at least until Arsenal come to town on Wednesday night. And they rested Henry against Man Utd so that he’s fresh for the challenge against our defence! It was much easier coping with life when we were 8 points behind everyone else 3 weeks ago, but after 3 wins and a draw from 4 games, the hope of getting out of the bottom 3 is destroying my life! My every waking moment is taken up analyzing the run-ins of us, West Brom and Birmingham. Earlier in the season, I had successfully got myself a life, resigned to the fact that we were useless, and that having a family around can sometimes be enjoyable too. They don’t even get a look in now!

Back to Saturday’s game though. Bellamy is obviously a class player, especially when he controls his temper, which he managed to successfully do, even playing with a smile on his face after a few decisions had gone against him. However, that annoying little Scottish person (sorry Jimmy), Dickov, is a different kettle of fish. Although he didn’t actually score this time (something he usually manages to do against Pompey), he did managed to moan and whine and whinge his way through the entire 90 minutes, eventually getting himself booked and Pedro Mendes for us, which certainly quietened him down for the remainder of the game. The shot count was 23-3 in our favour, so quite how we didn’t manage to win amazes me. Certainly someone needs to show our Zimbabwean striker, Benjani, where the goal is. That’s 10 games without hitting the target now. If we can reach that level of performance against the mighty Arsenal on Wednesday, we might be in with a chance of sneaking a result – and you’ll probably hear the roar from Saudi Arabia all the way to Ankara!

Play Up Pompey

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