Monday, April 24, 2006


Greetings Kankas. I have often been asked why I am called `ESKI KANKA` and to be honest it has been lost in the mists of time. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that it was first mentioned by Desert Kanka Murat, who was referring to my knowledge of Ankaragucu and not my age....... ahhhhemmmm ..... of course !!! If he had been referring to my age he would, of course, have named me `YASHLI KANKA` ! So, my `get out clause` is that he was obviously referring to my unquestionable knowledge of footie in general !! That said, I am happy with my name, perhaps not as much as Dave the Yank who decided to call himself `SMART ASS YANKEE KANKA`, but for those of you who have not met Dave yet, believe me, his name is well given !!!

On the the subject of names..... I must confess to not being too happy with James, Jim, Jimmy, Hamish, or Hey You, and if I ever come back in another lifetime I would like to be called......... Gokmen, Ismet, Burak, Zafer, Adem, Haken, Augustine, Kennedy, Niyazi or Yilmaz........... oh yes, and I would like to be born in ANKARA !!! Ahhhhh.... there he goes again..... living in the past era....... so, yes, I suppose Murat was right in the first instance......... ESKI KANKA ...... is correct and so it should remain !!!

No apologies to Oz Kanka for the block capitals !!! By the way, no comments about age are allowed on this particular blog !!!

All the best from the `soon to be` Sir Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Considering this blog is pretty much run by two people who use the Queen's English (well, sort of), shouldn't Smart Ass Yankee Kanka Dave actually be Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Dave?

  2. Well......... as I'm a Jock, I'm not really qualified to comment on this subject, but....... if you really want my opinion.... mmmmmm.... I think we should just call him SMART ARSE heh heh heh !!! I'm gonna pay for this next time he sees me..... I just know it !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka who duzzint spoke Ingallish !!!

  3. Just had another look at your gibberish reasonings as to how you got your name. I always assumed that Eski Kanka was a reference not to age but to your extremely old-fashioned views on life (outside of football that is).

  4. Grrrrrrrrr, more insults means that Sir `stab you in the back` Eski Kanka is almost ready to pick up the phone and spill the beans to Mrs Oz Kanka about last Sunday's `Conference` !!!! An apology will be accepted with dignity ??!!!