Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Einstein would be confused

Our Irishman in London, Brendan (we really must find a Kanka name for you Brendan, any suggestions?), brought up a point in the comments section concerning the situation as to who gets to qualify for the UEFA Cup next season. I've done some extensive research (ie I e-mailed Lanky Kanka Jorg) and received this reply:

If Fener or Besiktas win the Turkish Cup (they both go into the second legs of the semi-finals with big leads), this means that also the pos. # 4 in the league wins a UEFA CUP position (if Besiktas ends up in front of Gencler).

So there are two scenarios.
Fener wins the Cup. 3rd and 4th in the league get UEFA Cup spots.
Besiktas wins the Cup. Gencler only has to finish above Kayseri and Trabzon to grab the other UEFA spot.

Theoretically there are some other teams in the equation but I can't be bothered to include them.

The position now is Genclerbirligi are 4th, two points ahead of Kayseri (who seem to have imploded in the last six weeks or so) and four ahead of Trabzon.

Lanky Kanka also points out that Genclerbirligi have told UEFA they are prepared to play in the InterToto Cup if they qualify this year. So even fifth would mean mean some sort of European football.

Of course, I would rather not rely on mathematics and am hoping for a third place finish which guarantees us a place next year in the UEFA Cup.

Thanks Bredan for pointing this out to me and thanks Lanky Kanka for the extra information.

Hope this clears up some of the confusion


  1. But surely the situation gets more confused if, and this is a big if, the team that cannot be named also win the Super Lig which puts them in the Chimps League with GS who will at least finish second and take the qualifying Chimps league spot. Then if BJK wins the cup and also finishes third does this mean that 4 and 5 get into UEFA Cup also? Cofused I am. Of course this is a remote possibility as CimBom will of course win the Super Lig.

  2. Who is this Gulay dame ??? Get real and try to learn something about footie. The chances of Galata....spit....saray winning the Turkish Super league are, on a sliding scale, between 0% and
    -20% !!! Let's stop dreaming and let's hear no more about it !!!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  3. Let me try and make it simpler. There are five European spots up for grabs.
    1. Champions League
    2. Champions League (via qualification round)
    3. UEFA Cup
    4. UEFA Cup (via qualification)
    5. Intertoto Cup

    Winning the Turkish Cup wins you No.4. If Besiktas win the cup and finishes third, they will actually take No.3 and whoever comes fourth will take No.4.

    Now lets say Besiktas win the cup and don't win another game this season and come seventh in the league. They keep No.4, and then whoever comes third gets No.3 and whoever comes fourth gets No.5.

    Is it clearer now?

    As for you Eski Kanka, I really don't see what there is to get worked up about. I don't give a damn who wins the league any more. It's third place where the real action is, and down the bottom as well.

  4. Clear as mud!

    Seems like Eski Kanka Jim has finally come out of the closet and revealed his real yellow and blue allegiance!!!!