Thursday, April 20, 2006


Greetings Kankas. I thought it was time to share some information with you about some of the pioneering achievements which Hibernian have introduced to footie.

Going back in time. They were the first European team to tour South America (Argentina) - can't remember which year, but it was even before I was born !!!

The were the first Scottish team to install floodlights in their Stadium.

They were the first (and only) British team to represent `Great Britain` in the European Cup, and they were the first British team to reach the semi-final stage in that competition.

Coming closer to the present, I would like to tell you about a pioneering scheme devised about 5 years ago by the supporters of the club. They came together and formed the ERIN Hibernian Supporters Trust with the approval of the Club Chairman and Directors. Basically, the supporters wanted to have a say in club decisions of a minor nature and to help the club in a small way at their level. They all agreed to pay 20 pounds sterling per year and then at the end of every financial year decide what to do with the accrued monies to benefit the club. I joined up at the outset and am proud member number 294 !! From memory, in previous years the ERIN Trust has given money to help buy new players, assisted with equipment for the Youth Teams,and last year it bought some much needed physiotherapy equipment for the Gymnasium. This year it purchased a device which measures players fitness levels throughout a season in training and during matches - this equipment is also used by ManYoo and Arsenal. The Trust has democratically elected committee members, previous Hibs players (currently the legendary Lawrie Reilly), and their books are auditted in the same way as any business. Since its inception, several other Scottish Clubs have copied the idea which can only benefit the clubs concerned. On a personal note, I am very proud to be associated with this Trust, especially as I can't support my team in person except when I make my `pilgrimages` to Scotland every year.

I would be interested to hear if any other kankas have heard of this before and whether any are actively involved in similar schemes in other clubs.

GLORY TO THE GREAT HIBEES. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. What a great idea and I suggest that we start the same thing here. All Kankas pay up 20 quid and Sir Eski Kanka and myself sit down at a pub somewhere and decide how to spend whatever money is left over after the tab has been paid.

  2. Excellent idea Oz Kanka !!! and `IF` there is any money left over then we can give it to Cemal Aydin with the suggestion that he uses it wisely to bring back Yilmaz, Augustine, Hakan Keles, Gokmen Baris, etc !!!!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim