Friday, April 07, 2006


Greetings Kankas. Unfortunately, The Mighty Hibs Scottish Cup dream is over for another season and again it ended at the semi final stage. Hibbie Kanka sends his apologies for the delay in submitting this report but work and family pressures have kept him busy.

Sorry about not submitting a blog yet, have been really busy and the kids are
never off the computer. We were all gutted last Sunday too, a very sore one to
take. Being honest when I saw the team shape up at kick off with Caldwell at
right back and Whittaker in midfield I feared the worst. Hearts were too strong
and Sproule getting himself sent off was a disgrace, Stamping on a fellow player
is totally unacceptable and he should be hauled over the coals. Also Smith had
no reason to bring down the last man at 3-0 and three minutes to go. The ref had
no option but to red card him as well, it must have felt like Heaven to the
Hearts fans cause it sure felt like Hell to me.

Went down to the Killie game on Wednesday fearing the worst with so many players
potentially out. Turned out that three of the main players made it and helped
the team to a very good performance, never deserved to be behind and should have
had the game won before they did. Jay Shields played right back with Whittaker
in midfield, Shields can only be 5.5 ft max and at times when he was beside
Colin Nish (6.5 ft) it really did look men against boys. Hibs second and winning
goal came from none other than King Kenny's son Paul Dalgleish. He is not a bad
player who has pace and a great shot, not a patch on his father though.

How about this for a scenario, this is on the assumption that Hibs finish fourth
which is no guarantee. If Rangers finish second and Hearts beat Gretna in the
cup, fourth spot in the league gets the last UEFA cup slot. Imagine Rangers
coming to Easter Road in the last game of the season needing 3 points to finish
second and Hibs already safe in fourth spot, what would happen? I predict riots
down Gorgie when the Champions League CD gets mothballed by their DJ!

I am off to Ayr this weekend for Liam's (one of Athole's sons) football tournament, it is a great weekend and teams come from all over the country. It is nice to see football
played in the right manner after all the antics of Europe's elite over the season.

All the best from Hibbie Kanka Athole

PS.........On behalf of us all Athole, we wish Liam's team success and hope he doesn't copy some of his heroes in the Hibs squad and get a red card !!! All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. What we really want is a Hibs versus Gencler UEFA Cup match. That way I can really hurl abuse at Eski Kanka.

  2. Not necessary to wait for the UEFA Cup match. I generally receive abuse from Oz Kanka when I regulary double-out on double 16 just when he thinks he has my ass !!! Ouch !!! I might have to pay for that remark in the future - me and my big mouth again !!!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim