Saturday, April 22, 2006

The best of...The round ball in Ankara

Background stuff on why we exist and how we came to support Ankara teams.

1. The Ankara Kanka Club - The Beginning

Perhaps this should be the first item on this list as it is the true historical record of why this blog exists. Sir Eski Kanka in nostalgia mode.

2. Why Ankaragucu?

Sir Eski Kanka (knighted on the Queens's 80th birthday for services to Ankaragucu - no loans involved) goes into his reasons as to why he is now an Ankaragucu hooligan. A certain Serbian is to blame.

3. The real reason why we should be scared of a President Erdogan

The story of how a the leader of a military coup got Ankaragucu into the top flight of Turkish football. And incidently, the reason why Oz Kanka is a Genclerbirligi fan.

4. Except for those you like Ankaraspor, obviously

Challenged by the brother-in-law of the Ankaraspor coach, the blog sets out all the reasons why we have an "amusing disregard" (thanks Brendan) of Ankaraspor. As you might guess, beer is one of them.

5. Kirkcaldy Kanka's intoduction to Ankara footie

Having accidently found the blog, Kirkcaldy Kanka explains why he became an Ankaragucu supporter.

And now for some of the better posts.

1. The 2005 awards

Oz Kanka acts as judge, jury and executioner in handing out the awards for stupidity in general in Turkish football in 2005.

2. Klinsmann would be in awe

The blog puts the boot into cheats like Nobre from Fenerbahce who have made diving an art form. Also takes a shot at Turkish Daily News Sports editor Udo Steven Bassey. (We love him really)

3. Let Galatasaray go bankrupt: Part 94

It took us over a month after the blog was created to finally get stuck into the bloated neanderthals that run Cim Bom. I'm amazed it took so long.

4. Civilization going to pot

Another rant. This time on plans to ban smoking at stadiums. This post got us quite famous with a couple of sites featuring the story. I think advertising revenue from the post stands at about 50 cents.

5. Tales from Tripoli

Not about Ankara footy but about Desert Kanka Murat who had a few too many drinks before a Chelsea - Barcelona match. Check out the comment by Spine (Istanbul Kanka Steve) for another arguement for not drinking before matches.

6. Bloody Canadians

Not football, but Oz Kanka gets egg all over his face while reporting on an ice hockey tournament.

7. The death of innocence

We all have our hopes built up, and then smashed. This time it happens to a six year-old boy.

8. A plea, no doubt to be lost

The story of the Byzantine goings on inside Genclerbirligi at the end of the 2005/6 season and still reverberating in 2006/2007. We come down firmly against Genclerbirligi Chairman Ilhan Cavcav. The man must go. While it did get a comment from Sir Eski perhaps the most uplifting comment I received for this post was at the pub the next night from Mountaineering Kanka "God you wrote a long article last night".

Two great posts from Kirkcaldy Kanka's adventures at Ankaragucu away matches

1. The battle of Kayseri

I think this one gives a true flavour of just what it is like to go to an Ankaragucu away match. ie mad. By the way, the only reason that we got to meet the author of this story, Kirkcaldy Kanka Martyn, is thanks to the blog. Ahhhh, the powers of the internet.

2. Kirkcaldy Kanka's last stand

On the eve of leaving the country, Kirkaldy Kanka heads off to the wilds of Sivas for the final match of the season. Unfortunately no one told him that all the Ankaragucu fans were heading to Bursa instead.

We actually talk to some footballers

1. Stepian Kirita joins us for a beer.... or was it a diet Coke?

We ask Ankaragucu's Kirita on December 10, 2007, all the difficult questions, including how the hell do you spell his name!

2.Gencler coach Thomas Doll gets interrogated

It took us somthing like four years but in December 2009 we finally managed to interview a coach only to discover that his favourite drink is apple juice with water. Weird.



    I hope nobody in the British Embassy reads this blog otherwise we will all be in the brown smelly stuff ! Why ? Well, for a start, the Queen's Birthday Honours list has NOT been officially announced yet !!! Secondly, the British Ambassador will probably be asked to knight me and I am supposed to be surprised when he summons me before him to kneel and receive this well deserved mark of honour !!!

    However, rest assured that when it has been announced formally, that I will not allow it to change my character in any way. I intend to continue to be a pain in the ass hooligan, oh yes, and by the way, you may still call me Jim !!!

    All the best from `the soon to be` Sir Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Sorry about that. I read once that announcing such things before they are "official" can lead to the honour not being bestowed. Is it a case of back to Scottish Peasant Eski Kanka? I hope not.

    All this royal stuff is messing my head up. I actually read the Guardian's account of the Queen's birthday thing yesterday. At least it was a good article which included this great passage.

    "US TV correspondents tried to eke some animation out of the crowd. "Oh boy, you look in pretty good shape - you're 80, you say? Oh, boy." The Brits at the barriers were having none of it; eccentrics aside, the more ardent the royalist, the less demonstrative they tend to be. "Is the dog a fan of the Queen?" a woman with a labrador was asked, in the patronising tones reserved by those who are on television for those who are not. She gave the journalist a severe look. "He's a dog," she said. "

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    Message for Oz. Pleae could you email me a your contact details( I'm from Zig Zag productions in the UK. I would like to ask you a few questions regarding a documentary that we are making on international football hooliganism.

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  4. Anonymous4:48 pm

    I'm wondering , do you also discuss the news of the second Geclerbirligi club in Ankrara (OFTAS) , but I think they changed its name now to Hatceptte ??