Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter break

The Anatolian news agency have finally caught up with us and given us a report on what Ilhan Mansiz is doing in Ankara. Anatolia reported today that he was in town with his daughter for Easter. If only the semi-official agency read our blog they could have added he was spending Easter Sunday at Sushiko.

The report said he had completely recovered from some sort of foot problem, and will be a-okay in two to three weeks time. That will certainly help Ankaragucu considering the league ends in about four weeks time.

We have probably seen the last of Mansiz in the Ankaragucu colours though as the report says that he is looking to go and play in Dubai and that he doesn't want to play for any Turkish clubs.

Photocaption: Ilhan signs on the dotted line for Ankaragucu earlier in the season. Doesn't look too happy does he. And who is the bloke looking on in the background? Photo nicked from www.sonsayfa.com


  1. Surprise surprise !!! I thought Oz Kanka might have made the comment that the bloke in the background was none other than Eski Kanka, or at the very least, an Eski Kanka lookalike !!!

  2. Good point Sir Eski Kanka, perhaps it's your better looking younger brother.

  3. OK.....I've learned never to play word games with journalists !!!

    The subject is now closed !!!

    Perhaps just one final comment...
    Eski Kanka is not really as olde as he looks !!!

    All the best from Young and Dynamic Jim