Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How to get a girlfriend in the capital

I was planning on waiting a while before doing another post on great ways to find us via google but we have had a couple of beauties which I can't stop myself from informing you all about.

First up I guess whoever put the words "seeking for girlfriend in Ankara" (we are ranked fourth in Google for such a search) was probably slightly dissapointed with the real purpose of the blog.

But at least the person who put "Ankara drag" into google (we are the second ranked spot for that search) must have been very happy to have found Sir Eski Kanka.

I think this blog is proving just how stupid search engines actually are.


  1. Stupid or not........... but I'm still waiting for someone (female and my age..... young) to contact me........ bring it on !!!

    All the best from Young, Dynamic, and Charismatic Eski Kanka Jim

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