Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Greetings Kankas. Kirkcaldy Kanka asked me to post this because he had a problem making comments on my `ANKARAGUCU KANKA CLUB - THE BEGINNING` blog. Great report and hopefully through him we will tie-up with all his friends and expand our Ankara Kanka Club even further. See you all on Sunday. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

FROM- KIRCALDY KANKA (note The block capitals (just to annoy Oz Kanka !!!))

My first game was in the Gecekondu. I was determined to go and a lad called Jon went with me. He'd been here a few years, but prefered to watch games on TV. The game was Ankaragucu v Genclerbirligi. We won 1-0. I met an English guy in the stadium. He was travelling round the world by bike. He'd got from England to Turkey a year ago, but couldn't get a visa through Iran. He was back now with a visa. He went to the stadium expecting a huge capital derby. The stadium was half empty. The Gucu fans were mad with passion.There was only a few Gencler fans and they seemed silent in comparison. That was me. Gucu was my team.

We beat Gaziantepspor 2-1 in the next match with a last minute goal.I tried the maraton in that game. My friend Robbie went. It was his first game as he is an American born into baseball. He was hooked too. We both went together after that.

We sometimes went to the maraton, sometimes the kale. Then we went hunting for Ankaragucu tops. We couldn't find them anywhere. I was wearing a Fife Flyers Ice Hockey scarf. The Kirkcaldy based Scottish champions play in yellow and blue. In Sakarya, by the fountain without water, I saw some Gecekondu lads with scarfs on. I went to ask where to buy a top. I spoke no Turkish and before I knew it had exchanged my new Flyers' scarf for an old dirty Ankaragucu rag. I was then directed to a shop. Harun's shop. We bought tops there. Mine was number 7 Iskoc, and Rab's was Kral Maymun. Harun took our picture and we were front page news on the Anti-x web-site.

We later met Harun at games in the maraton. He helped us get cheap tickets, and a cheap season ticket this year. We met his friends and tried to learn the songs. I have taken many others to the games. Canadian Richard still comes regularly. My wife Sinead goes when the weather is nice. Damon goes sometimes. Others have come and never returned. Most were forced to buy tops with various monkey names on the back. Women get vegetable names. Don't know if I can explain that one.

I dragged some old Ozzie guy called Simon along. He never knew the rules, hated the game, and screamed at the kids who tried to help him buy his tea. He was lonely, so he continued to go until he left Turkey. Another poor lad called Ian from Derby comes sometimes. But he chooses the worst games. Last season in winter we played Galatasaray. I had been told that if a big team came, I should go 3 hours before kick off. I dragged Ian to the stadium at such a time when the temperature was around -7. We were outnumbered by the police. We stood there freezing and drinking tea. I was so cold I told Ian I going to the toilet to piss on my hands to warm up. He believed me. Our end was half empty, and so was Galatasaray's. Just proves that they are not the toughest fans in the world if they are scared of the cold.We lost 1-0 to a dodgy penalty. Rookie mistake by me, but Ian suffered. He has gone to a few games since, most of which have ended 0-0. Still, he has his "geveze maymun" top.

Sadly, my time is coming to an end in Turkey. I'm moving to Liverpool, possible on Anfield Road. But I will return for games, if not for a longer period. I'd been abroad before and followed teams. But I'm really part of something here, because of the people like Maniac kanka Harun. And I hope it continues for the Bilkent teachers who remain here. Rab has his work cut out to get others along. But maybe we'll still have a couple of kankas hanging around next year. I'll see if I can bring them on Sunday.If not, the next week when the Gucu play is a must.

As you can tell, I don't teach this week. I won't be able to write as much next week. That's a small introduction to our branch of the kankas. We play football ourselves weekly at Bilkent. We are suited up in our various monkey tops.I sometimes wear my Gucu top under a white shirt to teach. Robbie has converted a student. On the "Course Related Materials" board in my office the words to an anti-Fenerbahce song are written."Piskopat baskent, yazagagiz" The students know where we stand in Turkish football. We are Ankaragucu. And long may it continue.

GLORY TO THE GREAT ANKARAGUCU - From Kirkcaldy Kanka Martyn


  1. Lovely story Kircaldy Kanka. Left a tear in my eye. Perhaps you ought to send us some of the e-mail addresses of your other Bilkent Kankas so we can keep them informed once you've departed.

  2. Nah.... I don't believe Oz Kanka had a tear in his eye !! This is delusion, but hold on... maybe I am doing him a dis-service. Just imagine Mark Vaduka scoring the winning goal in the World Cup Final.... mmmmmm.... OK, then I will accept that Oz Kanka will have a tear in his eye !!! In the meantime, there might be another occasion when Oz Kanka can shed a tear.... my darts team are playing his darts team on 25 April and that could be another occasion when Oz Kanka might shed the waterworks of .... despair !!

    However, yes, let's have some email addresses on Sunday from you Kirkcaldy Kanka.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  3. The tear in my eye was for poor Kirkcaldy Kanka that he should chose a team that is so close to relegation. What a shame....

    As for Viduka. My bet is he will score the winning goal against Brazil. All local rivalries aside, I truely hope we stuff the upthemselves south Americans.

    They reckon they play the beautiful game... Possibly in the past, nowadays they they are just damn good at diving, rolling around and as (who was it) showed in the last World Cup in the game against Turkey when he was hit in the shin with the ball and then went down clutching his face, blatent bloody cheating.

    The World Cup is getting nearer and I'm sure I shall be venting my spleen against the cheating South Americans quite soon.

    Watch out soon for my anti-Brazillian rants. And there will be a few, don't worry.

  4. Shock Horror............ I do believe that Oz Kanka has been affected by Eski Kanka's hooligan and ANTI tendancies !!!

    I prefer it when Oz Kanka was a pussy cat....meow meow !!!

    From ANTI INSTANBUL eski kanka