Monday, May 08, 2006

Ankaraspor do us no favours

Lanky Kanka Jorg has sent in this report from Saturday's Ankaraspor-Trabzonspor match:

Well, so I went to a game of Ankaraspor, hoping that they can help struggling Gencler, but what I saw was a mess.

If I am at the bottom of the league, with one leg in relegation, at least I have to fight 90 minutes for my life, for my club, for my own existence as a sportsman, but what I saw was ... nothing.

Trabzonspor played with an excellent organised defence with two, three contacts to their magic, Tekke, Yatara and Gökdeniz. And it was with their first counterattack that brought Trabzon a goal. 1-0. Nine players from Ankaraspor were near to the Trabzon goal after a cornerkick but only two tried to come back, even my little daughter would have had a real chance to score.

Afterwards passes in front and behind, to the right and left, no movement, no fight, the second goal from Yatara after a freekick was the result. Wederson was really the only one who tried everything, shouting, fighting to push his teammates, but they were not able to act. After Ankaraspor brought on the tall No. 9, Ersen Martin (much too late!) there was something like a few chances, but at the end it was a clear and correct result. Bye-bye Ankara-Gökcekspor, two or three good players will find a new club, the rest can join Genclers ASAS Team in the second league next year.

Yes and MY heart is bleeding, even if they won against Diyarbakir, there is so much behind now, next Sunday there are elections of presidency in Gencler.

Normally no problem for Cavcav, he is leading the club since more than 30 years, but now things have changed. He has tried to establish (alone of course!) former Gencler manager types Cem Onuk and Ufuk Özerten - both well known for their ... lets say Turkish way to handle things, more diplomatic I can't be, and for the first time the board is reacting.

They will not accept anymore that this old man acts alone, thats why former vice president Atilla Aytek is going to run for president with a lot of help from all parts of the club. If Cavcav wins again, that means, that Gencler will break up completely.

Three, four very, very good young guys, like the general manager Hasan Cetinkaya, Ender and many more English-speaking people, most of them also German or French speaking, will leave the club, even the coach Mesut Bakkal will not stay one day longer if Cavcav wins. That also means that a lot of the young players will try to leave etc. etc. It is a circle to hell and only because this old president does what only he likes.

Lets see what what happens this week, it will be one of the most turbulent weeks for decades. Thats for sure. Taking a realistic look at the league, it will be very difficult to push Trabzon away from the UEFA Cup place. I am sure that they will win against Besiktas easily - Besiktas already have their UEFA place... so we have to watch Kayseri, (last game vs. Gala = 0 points) and after a Gencler victory we will play Intertoto-UI Cup 2006/2007.

Lets go to Gencler's last game next weekend, last chance to see a few actors on this scene TOGETHER...

See you there,
Lanky Kanka

Thanks Lanky Kanka, I'll post details for weekend's match later on.


  1. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Hi it is me again. I really enjoy reading your blog. I believe that next week Mr. Aytek will win! That old guy Cavcav should leave!! I have never heard that is possible that one guy is leader of some club for 30 years. Wow! How is that possible?? :-o How the people in Ankara let that happened? In my country they are changing leaders of our football clubs all the time! I could understand if that Cavcav is an owner of that football club but if it's not, than something is definitely wrong and should change. If that Cavcav wins next week, Hasan should go to better paid club since he is too good to be there then! He is professional and he is too smart and have amazing and bright ideas! You know, I have never visited your country, but as I am reading your blog every day for the past couple of days, you managed to get my attention and get me really interested to go and visit your country, just to see those differences.

  2. Just looking at THY I see flights between Zagreb and Ankara are quite pricy at 380 euros but I'm sure there are cheaper ways. Look us up if you visit.

  3. Anonymous9:01 pm


  4. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Ohhh my God, how do you know that??? :-o Tell me secret. Please.

  5. Anonymous9:04 pm

    You shocked me now! Anyway, POZDRAV IZ ZAGREBA! I am sorry if I should not put a comment on your blog but somehow I did. Do you forgive me?

  6. Croatians have a particular way of speaking. I was looking at your English and, well, it was just an educated guess. Now, are you going to tell us who you really are. My guess is that you are an agent for football players. Am I wrong?

    By the way, you have every right to post your opinion on this blog and we welcome you to continue.

  7. Anonymous2:19 am

    :-)No way that you could tell that I am Croatian only by my English, since I am speaking American English. And my Croatians are not speaking that good English. Believe me on that! Their English sounds more like Russian, or something like that. :-)But ok, you don’t want to tell me your secret. :-) I am guessing you are using some really good software! When I opened your blog today and saw that your putted how much Turkish Airlines charges from Zagreb to Ankara and in return,.., you left me speechless. Completely. I was shocked! :-o As I told you already, I was business related with that Turkish club. But tell me please, where did you learn your English, that is not possible that you learnt your English in Turkey. You are speaking more like British or something close. Where are you from? You found out that I am Croatian from Croatia. What about you? :-) I thought that you are mad at me since some foreigner is putting a comment on your blog but I am glad that you are not.

  8. Anonymous2:25 am

    You know, :-) I can not believe that I am putting a comments on some Turkish blogs. :-) That is hilarious. Your blog is excellent!!! Really excellent! Made me interested to read and write you back. That is a compliment! :-)

  9. My dear anonymous Croatian friend, We are certainly not mad that you are commenting on our blog. Please continue. Your thoughts are a breath of fresh air into what is often the very tepid atmosphere of Turkish football.

    As for how we found out where you are from, and we certainly haven't found out who you are.....

    I got a friend from a university here in Ankara to check out your stuff. He immediately said "eastern europe" I asked him to be more specific and after going over your comments he reckoned you were someone (and please don't be annoyed by this) who had learnt English at an American school but that you weren't perfect yet.

    I asked again, "be more specific" and he made an educated guess, based on what you wrote and said Croatia. I then took that guess a bit further and thought Zagreb.

    But all this talk still doesn't tell us who are you.

    Are you an agent for one of the players (who asked you what the hell is going on with Gencler or the moment)?

    Come on and tell us the truth. This blog is in English and therefore no one from the club looks at us.

    I have just a couple of questions.

    Who are you?

    Where are you from?

    Why are you interested in Gencler?

    And last: Which players are you trying to sell to us at the moment?

  10. Yes, and greetings from me too Mr Anonymous Zagreb Kanka. We all enjoy reading your comments, so please continue.

    Oh yes, and if you really are a footie agent and you have some prospective players on your books, then please contact me first. Ankaragucu are in more need of good players than our brother team Genclerbirligi !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  11. Anonymous11:57 am

    My dear new friends, can we meet in some chat room or something? I know that nobody speak any English in that club except Hasan and nobody can not read your blog, but still I would like to chat with you about me somewhere private. I wanted to give a comment that the old guy Cavcav is crazy if he thinks that Hasan is not good enough for that club where that Cavcav is a leader, since I know that Hasan is better! I am simple Croatian and I have never been in your country, doesn't speak your language (that language is like breaking a tounge, I have no idea how you can speak that language :-)),..etc. I have read your blog and I reacted, even I probably shouldn't since it is not my thing to interfere. Greetings from cloudy Zagreb :-(, hope it will not rain again.

  12. Dear anonymous, you can send me an e-mail. ankarachris AT

  13. Anonymous2:18 pm

    :-) You managed to hooked me up on your blog. :-)

  14. Anonymous2:19 pm

    You are really interesting and I love to read your blogs!