Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stacking and meddling

Nothing in the papers today about the upcoming Genclerbirligi congress where Atilla Aytek will be taking on longstanding Chairman Ilhan Cavcav but I did hear from my sources last night that around 2,000 people have joined the club in the last couple of days bringing the total number of members to around 4,500.

Those figures are probably already out of date but it does sound like some serious stacking is going on. I'm not sure who is doing the stacking, probably both of them I guess.

Onto even madder events in Turkish football. The last few days have seen a couple of AK Party deputies submitting a bill to parliament that would stop any teams being relegated this year.

Samsun Deputy Ahmet Yeni and Diyarbakir deputy Irfan Riza Yazicioglu are behind the bill. The two teams that are definately going down at the end of the season are... surprise, surprise ... Samsun and Diyarbakir.

The leader of the main opposition, Deniz Baykal, has come out in support of the bill. Hurriyet today led its story with the headline "The spirit of Evren in 2006", referring of course to Kenan Evren's efforts to get Ankaragucu into the top flight back in 1981.

The whole idea is of course completely mad and Turkey could well get into quite a bit of trouble with FIFA if parliament starts meddling with the league. It might have been okay to do this sort of thing in 1981 but it is rather frowned upon nowadays.

This blog's message to the politicians: Stick to buggering up the country and leave buggering up football to the true experts, the TFF.


  1. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Greetings to Oz Kanka!:-) I love your blog! I hope Mr. Aytek will win!

  2. No I don't think so. For me there is only one winner....

    The great KENAN EVREN !!!

    Anyway, I am sure that the Footie clubs of Bursa, Antalya and Altay might have something to say on the subject !!! Speaking personally, I am very happy that those 3 clubs are (hopefully) returning to the Super League, eg, 1. Bursaspor has very strong friendship ties with Ankaragucu which is historical. (I must find out why one of these days !!). 2. Antalya Stadium is one of the best in the league situated as it is only spitting distance from the Med Sea ! 3. It is about time we had an Izmir team back in the league, just as long as it is not Goz....spit...tepe !!!

    So, do your best Dee-eye-bay-kir and Samsun, but it will be like pissing into the wind !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  3. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Why is that Kenan Evren special for you?

  4. Dear Anonymous, may I suggest you check out the link in the main story to find why Sir Eski Kanka loves Kenan Evren so much.