Friday, May 12, 2006

Yet more Genclerbirligi election stuff

I was searching around on the internet and found that Atilla Aytek, the fellow running against Ilhan Cavcav actually has a website set up.

The site has updated photos of the fellow (he looks a bit older in the photo here than the one we showed earlier) but as you can imagine the site isn't the best of reads. It does however have some policies (a whole heap in fact).

Most however seem to be that he will "do good" for Gencler, as if Cavcav is actually trying to "do bad", but there is one actual clear policy position.

"We will continue to work with our young and successful technical director Mesut Bakkal for at least five years," Aytek says on his site.

Wow, five years is a long time. But it makes it pretty clear that Lanky Kanka Jorg and our anonymous Croatian friend who has been putting comments all over the place here are right. If Cavcav wins, Bakkal will walk.

The other main policy Aytek seems to have is that Genclerbirligi will be more democratic and not run under an iron fist, as is the case at the moment under Cavcav.

In another section of the site Aytek complains about Cavcav's stacking, as we reported earlier.

Unfortunately I only came across the website tonight and therefore I've missed a cocktail party he held this evening.

As far as I can see Cavcav doesn't have a site set up at all.


  1. Greetings Kankas. Call me old fashioned if you wish (maybe I am well named !!) but all this talk about elections leaves me smirking with mirth. This is Turkey and we do things differently here.

    CavCav is Gencler and...... Gencler is CavCav..... end of story !! His power will prevail, of that I have no doubt, and come Sunday we will see who has the real power.

    We have a similar situation across the city at Ankaragucu where Cemal Aydin pulls the strings, and I don't see that situation changing either !!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Hi my dear friends even though I am on vacation till tomorrow night, I still couldn`t resist to not borrow the computer here and see what you have posted.I would not agree with Mr.Jim that Genclerbirligi is Mr.Cavcan and in return. Leaders are there because of us, we chose them, and we have the power to move them if they are not good enough. Something definatelly stinks in Genclerbirligi if they have someone in power for over 30 years to do what he wants, as I have read. Well, I will come home tomorrow night and I hardly wait to read your blog what happened and who won. I hope that will be Mr.Aytek! Greetings from Croatia!

  3. Anonymous2:30 pm

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