Wednesday, May 03, 2006

If the unmentionable happens

If the unmentionable happens to Ankaragucu in the next couple of weeks may I suggest the board take a look at what happened in the Mexican league in 1999. This is an excerpt from a Reuters piece I found today:

When Puebla were relegated to the second division of the Mexican championship in 1999, they found a simple way to deal with their predicament.

The club bought Union de Curtidores, who had been promoted in their place, relocated them to Puebla, re-named them Puebla -- and carried on as if nothing had happened.

Pure genius, but as Sir Eski Kanka has said before, Ankaragucu will stay in the top flight for as long as Kenan Evren is still alive.

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  1. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Oz Kanka,, My Brother-in-law , would work hard for them self's this weekend. As you know, He coached Trabzonspor one tiME....It is shame, that Ozkan Sumer, made a huge mistake to let him go...He found Gokdeniz,Huseyin and many of the current players on the Trabzonspor... Giray Hoca started to coach in Trabzonspor team early 1980's He is no fluke... He is educated,he has good manners and most of all he is just normal person.... And trust me, I am not saying this because he is my bro..
    He deserves better in the Turkish Super League. It will be very tight match.... I know gencler wants to go to UEFA....we will see!...Good Luck!....
    Soccer Regards,