Friday, May 05, 2006

Is this man going to be Genclerbirligi's new chairman?

The bunfight inside Genclerbirligi continued Friday, just a day before the match against Diyarbakirspor, with a vice chairman of the club (I'm not sure how many they have) Atilla Aytek, announcing today that he will run against Ilhan Cavcav for the chairman's position at the club's general congress scheduled for next Sunday.

While I'm not sure that it is such a good idea to have a congress on a day in which we could actually be playing our last home game of the season, Aytek's decision to run certainly makes things interesting.

At a press conference in Ankara Aytek did not directly mention the latest unilateral move by Cavcav to replace the general manager (as reported here) but I guess that this was a big issue in deciding to run against the man who has chaired Genclerbirligi for pretty much all of my life.

"What I've told Chairman Ilhan Cavcav during our talks is that we cannot return to the old system," Aytek told reporters who are probably now employing mystics to figure out what the hell he meant.

Aytek then went on for ages and ages and as far as I can see he said nothing of any real substance. There were no actual examples of what the "old system" was, how we are going back to it, nor any hard facts on why he thinks that Gencler are failing UEFA and FIFA criteria.

Aytek's platform appears to consist solely on solving all those problems, whatever they are, but again he didn't give announce any polices that he would implement.

My guess, as stated above, is that the problems have a hell of a lot to do with Cavcav's management style, ie he decides everything.

Anyway, I'm slightly lost. Perhaps its time for me to actually join the club.

I just checked out Aytek's rather thin cv on the Gencler site and it says he can speak English. So I vow that if he wins it this blog will have the first, and possibly last, interview in English with the chairman of Gencler.

Lanky Kanka, do you know anything about Aytek?


  1. Anonymous5:57 pm

    First of all, I am not Turkish and not living in Turkey and don't understand or speaking any Turkish so your blog is excellent since it is in English. I am reading your blog every day since you have posted that Cavcav wants to replace Hasan Cetinkaya. If that Aytek is more open and more like Hasan Cetinkaya, modern type of person who will improve his club and put him on different level, Aytek should run against Cavcav for the chairman's position then. I know that Hasan is the only guy in that club that speaks English and can arrange any deal with foreign entities, with people that don't speak any Turkish. Nobody else in Genclerbirligi's club is not speaking English and if you are not Turkish and not speaking any Turkish then you have a huge problem. The only person with who you can speak in English there is Hasan. And if you call them, they will start stutter and not be able even to tell you some simple sentence in English. If Hasan Cetinkaya will not be manager of that club any more, Genclerbirligi will go down, I am sure in that!

  2. Greetings Kankas and a special greeting to Anonymous Kanka. Firstly, I have to ask some questions.... ie, what is your `real` name ? Where are you from ? Where do you live ? What is the origin of your interest in Ankara footie ? Also, any more info which can interest our curiousity !!!

    Back to the subject in question and I agree with Oz Kanka on this subject which is a sore point, not only in Gencler, but also in Ankaragucu. Here in Ankara the Club Chairmen are like `dictators` and generally do very much as they please. As I have said in a previous Blog/comment, Ersun Yanal left Ankaragucu at a crucial time in their progress because Cemal Aydin (Chairman of Ankaragucu) didn't make it worth his while to stay (YTL !!!). It is well documented that the Big Two Ankara clubs could have made a big impression in the Turkish League if only they had retained their quality players and not sold them off to the Istan...spit....bul clubs !!! So, the bottom line here is that it all comes down to money and let's not make any mistake about this. If the Chairmen are really serious about SUCCESS then it can be achieved. If not, then the situation of `hoping` to qualify for the UEFA Cup will continue.

    As for the present situation at Gencler, well, yes, they could have chosen a better time to make boardroom moves ......... if, they really had the best interests of the club at heart.

    It is still all in the melting pot tonight after wins for Gencler and Trabzon, and so it is down to the last match next week.

    Not sure who Trabzon and Gencler are playing next week, but I'm sure Oz Kanka will give us the details soon and some matematical formulae to conjure with !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  3. If English is so important, perhaps the club might like to outsource their dealings with foreign agents to this blog.

  4. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Hi there and greetings to you there in Turkey. I am from Europe. I know about Genclerbirligi’s football club since they are making business with many foreign managers around the Europe, trying to find some good player and buy him and bring him to your country or trying to sell some player from Turkey into one of the European clubs and earn lots of money. I was business related with Genclerbirligi’s football club. Hasan was doing business with foreign managers because he was that person that speaks good English and excellent French and of course because he has good eye and sense and he can recognize a good player and he can arrange and close a deal. Maybe, I should not put a comment on your blog since I am not Turkish but for some reason, I did. I didn’t know what is happening in that club till I accidentally didn’t find and read your blog in English. Thank you for writing your blog in English since you are updating people that are not Turkish what is going on in football business there in Ankara and what sorts of problems they are dealing with. I am sure that many managers around the Europe and the World has read your blog or if they are not, they will. Football is a huge business and people that are making money in that business (lots of money) wants to know what is happening. Also, players outside your country want to know what type of club is the club where their managers will transfer them and what sorts of problems they will have in that club. Like a money issue and stuff. By the way, how come your English is that good?

  5. I can't speak for Sir Eski Kanka but my English is pretty good thanks to my Mum.

  6. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Your English is really good!