Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another season gone

The end of another season of high hopes dashed. Am I the only person who has a sense of loss with no football on this weekend? And so with no match to look forward to (at least not until June 9) I guess it is time for some thoughts on the season.

As is befitting the tone of the blog in the last few weeks I'll start off with my dissapointments. First of all it has to be the last match of the season. To get so close to UEFA, all we needed was a draw, but no, we blew it.

The season started crap as well. Our coach at the time decided he didn't like Australian midfielder Josip Skoko and so the club gave him away for free to Wigan in order to free up a space in the foreigners quota. A week later, we sacked the coach and ever since we have been looking for a good midfielder. Skoko was last seen kicking a ball around for Stoke City, but at least he is off to the World Cup next month.

Unlike Turkey who buggered up their qualification group (coming in second) and then even more stupidly stuffed up against Switzerland. Then we had the handbags at fulltime that resulted in Turkey having to play its next six home matches at neutral venues without spectators. Those six matches are the entire qualification process for the European Championships.

But there were some highlights this year.

I particularly enjoyed Genclerbirligi's home win over Galatasaray early in the season (not long before we started this blog). Ole Kanka's old man was over here from Australia and considering he could only get to one match this was one hell of a good one to get to. Although he was dissapointed there was no half-time entertainment, he regaled us with tales of the busty ladies who do the cheerleading at matches for the Canberra Rugby League team, it was great to take someone along to a match that had both good football and a good result.

There were some good wins throughout the season but compared to recent years Genclerbirligi didn't really seem to sparkle. We need a good midfielder and a good forward.

My other big highlight for the season was watching Australia versus Uruguay in the second leg play-off in Sydney. It was about 10 in the morning when the match started up but that certainly didn't stop an Aussie mate and myself from opening the first beer of the day (a work day too). In the end we got through on penalties and I immediately put my application in for tickets. Of course, with most tickets going to corporate sponsors (thanks Fifa for looking after the true supporters of the game) I missed out.

My other highlight has to be starting up this blog with Sir Eski Kanka. Through it I have been able to take out all my frustrations and thus it has acted as a very good psychiatrist. Best of all though it has allowed us to meet up with other Gencler and Ankaragucu fans.

Enough of my therapy session. I guess we might not post so much in the next few weeks, perhaps the odd update on transfer news, but I'm sure myself and Sir Eski Kanka will be back ranting and raving once the World Cup starts up.


  1. I agree with Oz Kanka that it has been a disappointing season for the Ankara teams. Particularly so for Ankaragucu who were flirting with relegation for most of the season.

    Well, looking on the positive side there was no serious damage done and the coaches can now focus on lessons to be learned and hopefully solve them next season.

    As Oz Kanka said, his idea of starting this Blog last year was a master stroke and, although it has brought satisfaction to us in terms of being able to `sound off` about various controversial issues, it has also been gratifying to make contact with so many other footie fanatiks around the world.

    As he said, we will keep it going and perhaps expand our sphere of influence next season.

    The only one positive thing from my season is that I can boast.... HIBERNIAN beat Hearts in the East of Scotland Shield Final !! No sniggering please......... at least we won some silverware !!!

    World Cup Footie is looming and, of course, Oz Kanka and I will be supporting The Aussies. Oh yes, and perhaps Costa Rica ??!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Don't forget Trinidad and Tobago.

  3. Oh yes, and what about Ingallind ??? Ooooops did I actually say that ? Forget this comment !!!!

  4. Found this at the Guinness Book of records site:

    Most Goals Scored In An International Match:
    During the 31-0 defeat by Australia of American Samoa in a World Cup qualifying match at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia, on April 11, 2001, Archie Thompson scored an international record 13 goals.

    No wonder the Japanese didn't invite us to the Kirin Cup. Bring on June 12. Australia v. Japan.

  5. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Josip Skoko is 100% Croat. He is not an Australian. Ask him: jesi li ti Hrvat? ;-) He only has Australian passport but in his heart he is Croat, from bottom to top. His Mom and Dad, Croatians. His realtives, Croatians. :-p Sincerely yours, Croatian girl. :-p

  6. He may be of Croatian background, but I'm of English background and there is no way I'll be supporting England this year.

  7. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Hmmm I don't know that Josip Skoko is not going to cheer for his people. Hmmm. :-) He played in Genclerbirligi before. Big hi from Croatia :-)

  8. Well, you have all confused me about who I should support, so I am going to search the record books and find out the level of Scottish blood in all the qualifiers.

    I have a strong feeling that I will still be supporting the Aussies !!!!

    Oh yes, and thanks Kirkcaldy Kanka for pointing out the success of the great Scottish Team (who now have a Scottish Manager !!) in bringing back some Japanese silver to Scotland !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  9. Anonymous10:35 pm

    I really enjoy reading your blog! You made me smile! :-)
    Greetings to all Kankas from Croatian girl

  10. Croatian girls are always welcome here. But when it comes to the Australia versus Crotia match I'm afraid you shall be treated in the same way we have treated Galatasaray all year... with total and utter contempt.

  11. I cant believe that last comment especially as we did our best to get you into Europe. Such Ingratitude...maybe if you showed more Promise it would help!!!!!

  12. Oh yes Gulay......... that comment must rank as `Comment of the Season` and let's hope Oz Kanka is not too miffed. He might even consider putting it in `The Best Of` category ??!!

    All the best from a tittering Eski Kanka Jim

  13. Perhaps I should qualify my comment. Galatasaray shall always be treated with total contempt, Gulay, on the other hand, ahhhhh... not sure really

  14. Anonymous6:04 pm

    My dear Kankas, I think, I am the only Croatian girl that is reading your blog and putting a comments on Turkish blog and on a blog about football. :-) If my friends could hear out about that, they would laugh, like, what the heck happened to you? :-) Because I don't read Croatian blogs and we have like billion blogs. But, I really really enjoy reading your blog and you hooked me on your blog. :-)And the day when Croatia will defeat your Australian team, I will smile and send you a note. Hmm see, I told you so. :-)And you will cry. :-) Kisses from Zagreb. Your Croatian friend. :-)

  15. Anonymous6:07 pm

    You there made me smile! :-)

  16. As if Gulay gloating over us whenever Galatasaray beat us, now we have our Croatian friend. By the way, I reckon you should stop putting comments under "anonymous" and start signing off as "Zagreb Kanka" or perhaps "Mad Croatian Kanka". :)

  17. Gulay said before: I cant believe that last comment especially as we did our best to get you into Europe. Such Ingratitude...maybe if you showed more Promise it would help!!!!!

    I think showing less Promise would definately help Gencler.

  18. Hmmmmmm .... Zagreb Kankie (NOT Mad) has impressed me so much with her blog comments that I am having a re-think about who to support in the World Cup !

    I am seriously considering supporting Croatia ! This is truly the power of the Blog that we can be influenced by other footie fanatiks.

    Oz Kanka will label me a traitor or (a yalaka - Turkish expression for hmmmmm.... can't say it !!) but in view of Zagreb Kankie's loyalty to this blog, I feel she deserves some support.

    Loyalty works TWO ways !!!

    All the best from Changeable and Loyal Eski Kanka Jim

  19. Why am I not surprised by Turncoat Eski Kanka's comments

  20. Well yes maybe you should show less Promise but also show more promise, if you know what I mean. Contempt is not a problem, as we Istanbulites have to remind ourselkves, Ankara...oh yes that village on the prairie.......

  21. I have to tell you a funny story from a couple of years back....

    I was in a Garden Party and overheard an `Asian` Indian lady say....`well isn't Ankara a one horse town` !

    Well, I almost choked on my luvvlie yummy EFES (but not quite !!!). I was ready to `dive in` with both feet and read her the `riot act`, but ..... diplomacy got the better of me (for once I can hear Oz Kanka say !!).

    So, Gulay, next time you are `down the road` in Turkey's Capital City please tell me, and Oz Kanka and I will give you a conducted tour which might change your mind about this great city !

    As for Zagreb Kankie, well... my dear ....... if YOU ever venture into Ankara I promise you a warm welcome. You will meet young charismatic and dashing Oz Kanka and Eski Kanka will collect those kisses you sent him !!!!

    Back to footie......... and....Croatia for the World Cup ??? I'm now going into my betting site to put a `few` pounds on them to win the World Cup yessssssssssss.

    All the best from Changeable but Loyal Eski Kanka Jim

  22. Anonymous12:21 pm

    :-) Gunaydin Kankas (that thought me someone from Turkey and should mean good morning, I hope it does :-)and that I spelled it right).Well, dobro jutro on my language. ;-) I really like reading your blog and first in the morning besides drinking my morning coffee and having breakfast, I enjoy reading your blog. :-) I really hope that I will come to visit you there so I can see the differences and culture there. It should be interesting. I will contact you for that and hopefully I will drink coffee with you in one of your nice coffee bars (to try real Turkish coffee in Turkey,..,uhh that is probably nice). I really enjoy reading your blog and you made me smile! :-) By the way, what is happening in Genclerbirligi?

    Sincere greetings from Zagreb from Zagreb Kanka!!! :-)

  23. Somehow I think that when Sir Eski Kanka and myself take Zagreb Kanka on a tour of the city there won't be much coffee involved, more a liquid of the amber variety. I'll do some sort of transfer news some time soonish.

  24. Anonymous4:32 pm

    :-) ok. I like pinakolada. :-)And jeger is ok. :-)

    Greetings from Zagreb Kanka

  25. I just might have to take you up in that as I always seem to end up in the North Shield!!!

  26. Anonymous9:54 pm

    :-) I just looking pictures of the North Shield in Ankara on the net, wow that looks nice! There is Ankara Mesa Koru and Ankara Guvenlik Cad that I have found. Nice! It looks like our bars Hemingway and Khala, where I can take you if you will visit my Zagreb. :-)

    Greetings from Zagreb Kanka :-)

  27. Hey C'mon and let's get real ! We are Ankaragucu Hooligans and Genclerbirligi Non-Hooligans and we NEVER nay NEVER drink in the North Shield or similar up-market pubs !!!

    We are hooligans and proud of it -that's why we drink in Sakarya Caddesi !!!

    All the best from Hooligan and Dangerous Eski Kanka Jim

  28. Anonymous11:57 pm

    :-) I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU THERE!!! LOL LOL LOL YOU MADE ME SMILE!!! I think that you are far away from being hooligans and dangerous. :-) I think you are nice guys! :-) I will try to find on net how that Sakarya Caddesi looks like. :-)

    Kisses for good night from Zagreb Kanka girl!

  29. Forget about Sir Eski Kanka, I have no hassles drinking at North Shields as long as someone else is picking up the bill.

  30. Anonymous12:16 am

    Oz what is hassles? I am sorry don't know that word. I didn't get what you said.

  31. I'm just saying that I'd be very happy to take you to North Shield, if you are paying!

  32. Anonymous12:18 am

    :-) North Shields look really great! I would love to go there.

  33. Anonymous12:19 am

    why me? I am a girl? you should pay it if you are taking me out! :-)

  34. Anonymous12:21 am

    :-p you are cheap. :-p but I still like you!! :-)

  35. Anonymous12:22 am

    Oz, :-) I am sure if you met me in person that you will offer yourself to pay a drink. :-)

    Kisses from Zagreb

  36. I can hardly afford to pay for my own beers at North Shields (it is rather expensive nowadays), let alone anyone else

  37. Don't worry Miss Zagreb Kankie. I can assure you that Oz Kanka is not as mean as he says !

    When he is wearing his Savil Row suit he is a perfect gentleman, and so we will insist he wears it when you are here !!

    However, rest assured that as a Knight of the Realm, I will be on hand to be chivalrous and I will be happy to pay for your `refreshments`..... and Mr Oz Kanka's for that matter !!!

    All the best from Mr nice guy, Eski Kanka Jim

  38. Anonymous11:49 am

    Dobro jutro iz Zagreba!Good morning from Zagreb!

    Dear Eski Kanka you are really nice and such a gentlemen, not like some of them :-) :-)

    Greeting from sunny and warm Zagreb, sincerely yours

    Croatian girl

  39. Yes......... Sir Eski Kanka is a real gentleman in the company of ladies, but......... in the Stadium I think he is regarded as a hooligan !!!

    In all honesty, I would say that Oz Kanka is more of a gentleman than I am. Oz Kanka's Bark is not as dangerous as his Bite !!!

    So, never fear Zagreb Kankie, you are always in touch with TWO gentlemen !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  40. Anonymous11:11 pm

    My dear Eski Kanka, I think too that Mr. Oz is only barking and that deep down in side he is such a great guy and great gentlemen. :-) He likes to show himself probably as a strong and macho guy. :-)
    I really believe that if he sees me he would be like a mouse. :-)

    Greetings from Zagreb Kanka!

  41. This is getting surreal

  42. Anonymous3:26 am

    Hey I couldn't sleep so I went on line. :-) Again you are using some words that I have no idea what does it mean. :-) What is surreal?

    Thinking of my new friends in Turkey,
    Yours Zagreb Kanka :-)

  43. I'm going to let Oz Kanka answer that last question because his Ingallish is much much better than mine !!!!!

    All the best from uneducated Eski Kanka Jim

  44. Surreal: unreal, dreamlike, bizarre.
    Source OED (pocket edition)

  45. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Hi my dear Kankas :-)
    Oz what is getting unreal? :-)
    That if you meet me, you will pay me a coffee? That is not unreal, that is a fact. :-)

    Greetings Kankas from beautiful and sunny Zagreb,
    Sincerely yours,
    Zagreb Kanka girl

  46. We now have English lessons on a footie blog. Whatever next me thinks ???!!! Don't answer that question !!!

    This must be a world record for a blog to have 50 comments !

    Knowing Oz Kanka, I'm sure he'll check it out and tell us ??!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  47. Make that 51. There is nothing to post about so we have to keep busy until the World Cup somehow! Whats all this talk of coffee anyway, the only real drink for footie supporters is Bovril!

  48. Sir Eski Kanka may be new to the world of blogging but even he must realise there are one or two other blogs out there with a daily readership of about 100,000 more than us. But 52 comments is pretty good.

  49. Anonymous2:17 pm

    I like you guys! I really do!! You made me smile :-) :-) And every time when I have time besides all of my work on laptop, I really enjoy reading your blog and I think you are amazing and really nice and fun to be with.
    You wouldn't believe it but I dreamt about you last night. I really did. I dreamt that some other Croatian people come and joined us and starting writing comments on your blog. :-) Most of them in Croatian since they are not speaking any English. I woke up and start to laugh.
    :-) Ohhh boy ohh boy, you really hooked me on your blog!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Croatian Kanka girl :-)

  50. Anonymous2:18 pm


  51. Be sure that we like you too Zagreb Kankie. So, keep commenting on our blog and make us happy !

    As for Gulay's comment about pre and post match refreshments. Hmmmmm... I think you must have been talking to your father or even your grandfather ! I doubt if they sell Bovril at footie matches these days, even in Ingallind !!

    If you come to Ankara you will see how REAL `modern day` footie fanatiks prepare for the match in the Chopin Bar !!!

    We look forward to welcoming you both !!!

    All the best from dynamic and modern thinking Eski Kanka Jim

  52. Anonymous5:43 pm

    I like that part dynamic and modern thinking :-)
    Thank you for welcoming me :-)
    You are more than welcome in Croatia!

    Best regards from rainy and cloudy Zagreb,
    Yours Zagreb Kanka

  53. Anonymous5:44 pm

    When you will come here on a game, you will drink Karlovačko and Ožujsko :-)

  54. Exotic sounding drinks from Miss Zagreb Kankie's Bar Cabinet.

    I can't seem to find my Croatian dictionary today, so perhaps you could explain what type of drinks they are ?!

    Oz Kanka and I are pretty ordinary blokes. We normally drink Turkish Amber Nectar !!!

    All the best from a getting thirsty Eski Kanka Jim

  55. Anonymous7:14 pm

    My dear those are Croatian beers. :-)
    Please go on these sites:
    Your Turkish drink sounds really good. :-)
    How is Mr.Oz?

    Greetings from Croatian girl :-)

  56. Well......... Zagreb Kankie is a very interesting lady with lots of hidden talents.

    To be infomative about the amber nectar is something in which most women fail miserably. However, Miss Zagreb has gone way up my estimation.

    Check out the sites that she recommended, especially `Karlovacko` and you will see something which resembles the Mighty EFES. I just hope one day that we can taste it ??!!

    Having checked out the Karlovacko site I am just wondering if ALL the girls in Croatia are as beautiful as the ones I saw in the advertisements ???!!!

    Look forward to your answer Miss Zagreb !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  57. Oohhhh I feel cheated by a man wearing a skirttttt

  58. Tut tut tut Gulay. Men wearing skirts ? No no no !! The correct terminology is KILT !

    Just as a matter of interest, yours truly will be wearing a kilt at my brother's wedding in Scotland next month.

    If Oz Kanka gets his hands on any of the photos of this great event it is quite possible that he will blog one !!!

    Me thinks I will have to exercise great caution in who gets to see the photos !!!

    All the best from sexy legs himself, Eski Kanka Jim

  59. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Croatian women are very and extremely beautiful. Everyone says that. For your Turkish people even more so. We look exotic for Turkish men because we are totally different than their Turkish women.

    Greetings from sunny and beautiful Zagreb,
    yours Zagreb Kanka

  60. Eski, so bashful, let the world see you knees but nothing higher....

  61. OK Gulay ....... but if I show you the photo of Sexy Eski Jim's knees, will you promise not to blog it ???!!!

    I know most Turkish ladies are almost as honest and trustworthy as Croatian ladies, but.........what about Turkish ladies who support Galata...spit...saray ???

    Hmmmmm........ good question eh ?

    All the best from soon to be Knighted Sir Eski Kanka Jim

  62. Anonymous12:17 am

    You should show to all of us your photo not just to Gulay. :-(
    I am sure that many girls in Turkey there would love to see your sexi legs as well. :-)
    It would not be fair to us, isn't it? :-(

    Greetings from Zagreb Kanka :-)

  63. Hmmmmmm..... pause for thought....hmmmmmmm......... this question is still under consideration !!!!

    Watch this space for further developments !!!

    All the best from Mr Sexy Knees, Eski Kanka Jim

  64. Anonymous9:39 pm

    You should put a photo of your sexi legs because the women that support Galatasaray might start following Ankara's football team. :-)

    Your Zagreb Kanka :-)

  65. I think it would take more than Eski Kanka's presumed sexy legs to prise Gulay away from her beloved Galatasaray

  66. I'm not so sure about that. Eski Kanka's knees (and other bits !!) have been known to turn some girls ON in the past (perhaps in the future too !!).

    I'm half inclined to release those photos of Mr Sexy Knees next month just to prove Oz Kanka wrong !!!

    It is under serious consideration. So, girls.... hold your breath for the photo of the year !!!

    All the best from Ankara's Sex Symbol, Eski Kanka Jim

  67. Anonymous11:58 am

    My dear friend, I am supporting you in full and waiting eagarly for your photo.

    Your truly Croatian friend

  68. Many men have tried to com e between me and Galatasaray with absolutely no success. However pictures of Eski's knees may well distract me long enough to stop me laghing at FB supporters for a couple of minutes!!!!

  69. I return to the centre of the Universe (Ankara, for the uneducated !!) on 23 June.

    So, girls (especially !!!) stand by for a sight you have never seen before !!

    All the best from sexy Eski Kanka Jim

  70. Gulay, Zagreb Kanka,
    Don't forget to have a doctor nearby when Sir Eski Kanka returns from his brothers' wedding.

    Boy oh boy, a picture of Sir Eski in a kilt. This is freaking me out.

    Make sure you are wearing the Ankaragucu scarf when they take the photo Sir Eski. Where you wear it is up to you.

  71. Mmmmmmmm good idea to wear an ANKARAGUCU scarf.

    However, I'm surprised that nobody has asked the burning question...... what will you be wearing UNDER your kilt Jimmy ??!!

    On 2nd thoughts, perhaps a showing of knees will suffice !!!

    All the best from brazen Eski Kanka Jim

  72. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Hey guys on June 23rd is my birthday. I am serious! :-) That will be my present for my birthday. :-)

    What you will wear under the kilt?

    Your Croatian friend

  73. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Cool I will have birthday present waiting for me on your blog! Photos of your sexi legs! :-) Wow thanks! :-)

    Greetings from Zagreb Kanka

  74. OK Zagreb Kankie, I'll send a photo of my sexy legs for your birthday, but..... you have to tell me which birthday you are celebrating !!!!

    Look forward to hearing your `secret` and then I'll tell you what I'm wearing under my kilt !!

    All the best from The Secret Getter Eski Kanka Jim

  75. Anonymous2:30 pm

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