Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Greetings Kankas. I was dismayed to read in Hurriyet today that there will be 2,500 Policemen at the Turkish Cup Final tonight in Izmir between Fener and Besiktas. A sad reflection of the times we live in I think ! For example, in 2 recent matches in the UK recently....
Scottish Premier League.... Livingston V Dundee Utd there were 2,300 (admittedly, Livvy are relegated, but it does make you think !).
English 2nd Division.... Chester V Wycombe there were 2,800.

I can well understand the reasoning behind the TFF's decision to deploy so many Policemen in view of all the `battles` there have been here this season (The Battle of Kayseri is well documented in this Blog !!!). However, the `export` of hooliganism to the world which the English bestowed on us cannot be one of which they are proud of !!!

Anyway, enough of insignificant matches between two Istan...spit...bul teams. Let's look forward to the match of the season next Sunday between ANKARAGUCU and Antep !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Sir Eski Kanka, your not mixing up match attendances and the numbers of cops at the matches are you?

  2. Oooo ahaaa well you know I'm a Jock and ma Ingallish is no sa guid, but aye, what I meant was that we dinny need Police at our matches because .............first... there are no hooligans in Scotland (quote...unquote) and second ... we don't have enough supporters to warrant having a Police presence !!!!

    Trussssst me !!!

    All the best from trusting Eski Kanka Jim