Friday, May 19, 2006

Of Nobs and Drogs

I've noticed that Gulay's favourite Brazillian, Marciel Nobre (or Nobhead as Gulay likes to call him) has left Fenerbahce and gone and signed for crosstown rivals Besiktas.

Normally I wouldn't bother to comment on such a transfer but Fener will no doubt be in a bit of trouble next year not so much with the loss of Nobre's scoring abilities but with the more important question of how on earth will Fener milk penalties with one of the world's best divers no longer in the blue and yellow.

I was reading a football e-mail from the Guardian today and the answer to Fenerbahce's problems leapt off the page (if e-mails had pages).

Didier Drogba, wants to leave Chelski and move to a country where his talents are truely appreciated and the papers don't use the word "cheat" in any sentence that contains his name. Clearly, that country is Turkey.

A little of what the e-mail said:

If you're a Chelsea striker who's fed up with being labelled a cheat, there are a couple of ways you can deal with the problem - ask for a transfer in the hope of skipping the country or stop cheating. And as the latter course of action is the more grown-up of the two options, it's no surprise that Didier Drogba has ignored it and declared that he's had enough and wants away...

(He) is using what he sees as appalling slurs on his character as a get-out clause. Preferably to a club who'll appreciate the more subtle skills that made him so sought-after as a Marseille player.

Clearly, this is a man Fenerbahce have to sign up quicksmart. This blog will naturally take a small cut of the transfer fee. Brown paper bag, small notes only.


  1. Hold on....... let's not get carried away with our brown paper bag !! After all, isn't footie more important than money ??!!

    OK, ignore that question !!!

    Before we go knocking on doors for percentages, let's first put this on Ankaragucu's Site and let Cemal Aydin speak with The Central Bank !!!

    After all, with Umut Bulut likely to move to Trabzon, is our need not greater than Istan....spit...bul's ???!!!

    Does money speak volumes or..... does money speak volumes ???!!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Well Drogba would also enhance the basketball abilities so expertly displayed by "Hand of God Part II" so you are right a match made in Heaven. It seems a bit soon though thta he has made the move, wonder if thst why he missed the chances in the last match as he did not actually want to be a Championship winner????

  3. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Hi my dear Kankas in a far away Turkey. How are you? Just wanted to stop and say hi from cloudy Zagreb.

  4. Just read in Hurriyet this morning that Umut Bulut is going to be a Trabzon player soon because Fatih Tekke is leaving.

    Boo hoo hoo from me !! So who is going to score goals for Ankaragucu next season ??? Good question Jimbo !!!

    All the best from a sad Eski Kanka Jim