Thursday, May 04, 2006

A happy story for a change

There are a couple of miners trapped hundreds of metres below ground at the moment in Tasmania after some sort of earth movement led to a cave in. The other day rescuers managed to actually get into radio contact with them and their first question was "What's the footy scores?"

Then today I came across this Reuters story:

The first things two freed Germans asked for after a 99-day hostage ordeal in Iraq were a beer and the latest scores in the German soccer league.

Germany's ambassador in Iraq Bernd Erbel was quoted in Bild newspaper on Thursday saying the two freed engineers -- Rene Braeunlich, 32, and Thomas Nitzschke, 28 -- knew what they wanted when they arrived at the embassy on Tuesday evening.

"'Do you have any cold beer, please?'" was the first thing they asked for, according to Erbel. After a toast to freedom they wanted to know the Bundesliga standings.

Truely is amazing how the will to live is fueled by beer and footy.

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  1. Yes, agreed, and as the late great Bill Shankley used to say.... football is a way of life, no........... on second thoughts it's more serious than that !!!

    All the best from another footie fanatik Eski Kanka Jim